Purchased the plant 4 weeks ago. It had a little damage in transit, but recovered well.

I watered it in the shower right when I got it, as the soil was completely dry. It was doing great after that. I left it to dry out between waterings and in the mean time I purchased your fertilizer. Last night I could tell the plant needed some water, so I mixed the fertilizer in with out kitchen sink water. I watched the water drain from the bottom of the plant, so it has good drainage and doesn’t sit in water. I woke up this morning to find 6 leaves on the ground and 5 more browning on the plant.

After looking at your page about brown spots, I believe it might be a bacterial infection.

This is my third fiddle fig that this has happened to over time, I’m devastated. I first thought I was over watering them, then under watering…. now I wonder if there is something in the water itself that is harming it. I have used the sink as the watering source for each plant and each one has died shortly after use.

I never have had one turn brown and drop leaves overnight

Help! Can this be saved?