Large tree

Smaller Tree, newly acquired

I was gifted a large Fiddle Leaf tree for my BDay nearly two years ago. Upon delivery, I was told to water every week until I saw water in the dish below or every two weeks give it a gallon. I was told I didn’t need to transplant it and it likes bright but not direct light. It lost about 6-10 leaves within the first couple months but I assumed that was because of the transition. I contacted the shop and they confirmed that was why. Some of the edges were already browned and all of the leaves are thick, stiff and dark green. (I should probably mention that I lived in Jackson Hole, WY at the time so our weather is dry and I acquired it during winter). We moved from JH to southern Montana (another very dry place) about 10 months ago. Over the time I have had the tree I have wiped down the leaves quite a few times (due to dust from ranch setting) but am afraid of cracking them because they are so brittle. I have seen NO growth in nearly 2 years. I finally came upon your site and was stunned to see just how misinformed I had been! I have since put it in a lukewarm shower and left it on my back porch for more sunlight. I just brought it in and set it in front of a South-facing window.

I will be honest, I don’t have high hopes for seeing a turnaround. I am planning to re-pot it but am skeptical because it is already in such a large container…

my second (small) fig was just purchased from the clearance section of a store. I am hoping to start off on a better foot with this guy despite the broken leaf and leaning trunk.