Howdy ,

I’m having an issue with large dry brown spots on the leaves of my FLF. Pruned them off once before, but they’re back with a vengeance. Can you please help?

How long have you had your plant? – 1.5 year
When did the problem start? – 6 months ago
What are the symptoms of the problem? – Large brown spots, on edges and in the middle of the leaves (some tiny holes too, but not many)
How often do you water your plant? – Once every 2 weeks
How much do you water? – 64 oz
What does your drainage look like? riser at bottom of pot with gravel covering the bottom. It does drain to the saucer.
What soil are you using? – A mix of Miracle Grow indoor potting soil
How often do you use fertilizer? – Haven’t in months. Was wondering if the fertilizer was what caused it. I have your fertilizer from Amazon.
How much sun does your plant get? Where is it in your home? – Next to a large floor to ceiling window in a high rise. Lots of indirect sunlight, not much direct sunlight.