1. Had my plant for about 3 months. Haven’t lost any leaves and had a bit of new growth here and there.
  2. About a month or 2 ago, I noticed small cracks that then turned brown. Thought it was just trauma because I had wiped the leaves down (they were super dirty when I got her) but then recently noticed the spots are large and not just in areas of trauma.
  3. At first I was only watering once every 2 weeks, but then thought the brown might be from under watering so recently have been watering 1 cup/week. Decided to repot since I was worried about root rot – roots look good. Separated the trees bc one seems to be doing worse with more brown than the other. I’m afraid I might have shocked them too much though.
  4. Had left the plants in the plastic pot they came in bc I’ve made the mistake of too much intervention before and when I first got her she looked great. Now repotted to terra cotta with drainage pan and mostly cactus potting mix with a little regular houseplant mix. Haven’t fertilized yet.
  5. I did have the plant by a NE facing window, but was worried it wasn’t enough light so moved it closer to the door which gets more light but not direct.