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Drooping fiddle leaf

Need some urgent help! My fiddle leaf was healthy and beautiful until a few days ago, and now it’s sad, drooping and just lost two leaves. I watered my usual amount and used your plant food for the first time, but then we got hit with a 105 degree heat wave. It had been close to a week since watering and the soil felt dry so I gave it about another cup of water. .I came home an hour later to it drooping, and it hasn’t recovered since. There had been a brown edge on the lowest leaf that immediately took over the leaf along with a whitish cast before it finally fell off. Both leaves that dropped were crunchy stiff. .seems it was overwatered but I think the issue is it was repotted tp a bigger pot so the soil around the root ball holds more water and for longer compared to the roots. I think the water is running to the sides of the plant and I’m nervous causing these issues. I just reported it about 2 weeks ago and the roots were not mushy, so I need to check again or just allow the soil to fully dry out before watering again? I dont want more leaves to drop!



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    Hi Leslie,

    Thanks for your question. The same thing happened to one of my plants that I forgot to bring inside during the heat wave. The only thing you can do is give it a complete soak to fully wet the root ball, then wait and let it dry out for a week or so as normal. Do you have photos? It may recover, but I've seen some that are past the point of no return.



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