Hi!  I’ve had my fiddle for 8 months now.  it’s been doing well after the first month of my learning curve.  i even rescued another fiddle and brought it back to life.  It’s thriving as well.  My original one (the 8 mo old) in the last two days just started drooping.  There are 2 stems in the pot and the little one dropped a pretty green healthy looking leaf.  The two new leaves on top are the droopy ones.  They never did grow very big like it’s sibling’s new leaves a few inches away.  So maybe that was a red light.  Anyway, I water the plant about every 2 weeks.  I make sure the moisture meter says 3-4 before i run water through the whole plant, let it drain overnight and they put it back in it’s home.  I didn’t fertilize (fiddle leaf fig plant food) it often over the winter as I read that it’s dormant and doesn’t need it.  Since it’s gotten warm in SE texas now, I’ve fertilized it a day or so after the watering so that the fertilizer would absorb and not get washed away.  I hope this was right.  It’s been sprouting new leaves very consistently.  Now all of a sudden i’ve got droopy leaves.  I took it outside and tried to inspect the roots to see if there as any rotting.  They all looked the same to me!  Nothing that stood out as rotting.  I broke off a small piece of one and it appeared healthy.  Not soft or squishy.  Not sure what i’m looking for.  I let it all dry out for a while outside and brought it back in before bed.  The moisture meter said 5 before the root inspection and this morning after letting it dry out a bit last night it said 4.  I put the plant outside this morning to dry it out more.  Although, it’s warm and humid so not sure how much it’ll dry.  But i do know they like heat/humidity and i’ve read here that putting them outside sometimes helps cure a lot.  Well, now the big sister stem has leaves starting to wilt too!!  I’m so sad.  Does this seem like root rot?  There aren’t brown spots.  Just the wilting.  I will receive the new root rot formula today but I’m afraid to water it.  Does this sound like pest infestation?  I appreciate any guidance.   I’ve never been a green thumb and i’ve been so excited to have kept my fiddles alive and healthy for this long!  I have a strange emotional attachment to them now!

Thank you!