I had a large 4 stalk full leafed fiddle leaf about 6 ft tall since mid Oct. I let it rest in a south facing window for about a week before cleansing its beautiful healthy green leaves with a wet wash cloth.  I left it in its original container.  After 2 weeks I watered it thoroughly and it drained well.  Over a month it lost a few leaves and then I noticed a small fine web and some fine white specks so I figured it had spider mites.  I thoroughly sprayed and cleansed each leaf with a solution of diluted alcohol /water  which was recommended for treatment of spider mite.  I continued to see more fading of deep green color and browning on more leaves,  I really didn’t account for shock/ stress causing these symptoms and was certain there had to be a more serious problem.  I decided it needed to be repotted for possible root rot but first decided to use Neem Oil to treat the plant before repotting.  I had a larger clay pot that housed a large corn plant that I lost during a move. I decided to spray paint the pot with a white enamel spray paint.  My plant continued to brown at all levels so I was sure it had root rot. I checked moisture/pH/ light with a meter and it all seemed fine so I  removed the existing pot and fully inspected the root ball which did not seem to have root rot.  I did remove most of the dirt from the root system and carefully repotted in its new home.  I watered fully and wrapped the 4 stalks together with a continuous piece of tape to support the tall heavy stalks as they adjusted to their new pot.  A week later I was leavings  for the Holidays so I watered again.  Left the blinds open for the 2 weeks I was gone so the plant would get it’s customary natural light. I set the room temp to 78. I came home to find a plant full of dried brown leaves, half of them already on the ground?  I removed the remainder dried  leaves so now I have 4 bare stalks with a small offshoot at the base that has 2 green leaves at its tip. The tops of the 3 stalks are brown while one remains green.  So sad?  I’ve never had a plant respond like this and I’ve had many large beautiful plants over 30 yrs.  Was it the shock from repotting???  Should I cut the tops off of the stalks and hopefully have some new growth emerge below the cut or just start over.  I can send photos of before and after.  Please HELP?  Liba