I have had my fiddle leaf fig for 5 or 6 years I bought him with 3 baby leaves.


Ive researches for years how to do this but I’m sooooo nervous.


The biggest gap for me to trim him is at this half way point? But it’s more than 10%? So I’m confused here.


i can safely cut him half inch to an inch away from the lower leaves so hopfully he’s heal and branch off even. Also giving me enough stem to plant his top. Will this work? I’m in Perth Western Australia we are mid summer. He’s inside in a well sunny but not direct light spot. He’s just getting so tall I need to stop waiting I don’t want to kill him or hurt him I’d be devastated.

Should I wait u till next spring?

should I not cut between this gap and cut a smaller amount off the top?

But if if he does branch off this half way spot would be best to do so? He’s just so tall, I’ve been so nervous to trim him over the years I’ve just watched him sky rocket!

He’s awesome hey:)

I hope you can help.