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Help me rejuvenate FF i just bought on FB Marketplace

Hello all –

First time posting here.  So happy to see a forum devoted to Fiddle Figs!  I just bought this sad FF on FB Marketplace yesterday and am hoping to rejuvenate it.  It looks to be root-bound, suffering from water deprivation and appears to be (3) different plants, one of which is dead.  Additionally, one of the three trunks has this extremely heavy, multi-leaf branch hanging off of it that is growing like a banshee, but seems out of place.

My questions for the group:

  1. What would be the first things you did to rehab this plant?  Trim off the brown leaves?  Repot?  I don’t want to send it into shock in what appears to be its already weakened condition but I also know that getting rid of wounded leaves helps it concentrate its energies on new growth.  Same with repotting.
  2. Do you think this is a candidate for separating into (3) different plants?  I saw the video on this site for doing so
  3. How can I tell if (1) of the (3) plants is actually dead?  The trunk seems very dry, brittle and when I clipped the top off (see photo below), it’s hollow.  I’m assuming it’s dead, but maybe I just clipping lower and lower to see if it ever gets greeen?  
  4. What should I do with the one that has the leaf-dense branch hanging off of it (it’s the only trunk with a branch on it)?  Is it possible to cut that branch off and propagate it separately (and turn it into a new plant)?  If not, should I trim the branch up to eliminate some of the leaves and maybe tie it to the trunk for support?

Really appreciate all the help!

Geoff Nagel – Atlanta, GA

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  • Edit

    It can be saved! I recommend aerating the soil at the least so any watering will be able to soak the root ball. The soil looks very compact and dry. Try watering until it drains out the bottom drainage holes (after aeration) and don't water again until the top inches of soil are dry. This should be around every 7-10 days. You don't have to remove any damaged leaves unless they are more than 50% damaged. With the 3rd stick that looks unhealthy, chop it down until you see white/green inside. If it is hollow, that means that portion is dead and cannot be revived. Keep in the brightest possible light you have right up next to a window in your home. Or leave it outside under a covered awning or pergola to help it come back to life.


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