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How do I save this tree?!

  • How long have you had your plant?

Spring of 2019. The plant was about a foot tall when a purchased it.

  • When did the problem start?

I was traveling for a few months in the winter and my friend didn’t want to tell me that something was going on with the plant so it is difficult to say. The leaves fell off the majority of the plant from the bottom in February probably. The plant was overwatered and then suffered edema from infrequent overwaterings. Also, the humidifiers were off during the winter while I was away. before I left the plant was always thriving and I had never had any issues with it. It was actually growing too quickly !! it is currently standing at 74 inches tall.

  • What are the symptoms of the problem?

In an attempt to perk the plant up and help the leaf drop, I decided to repot it on June 24 using a mixture of organic potting soil, perlite, and charcoal. I left from July 4 to July 21 and I came back to the shocking photo that I have attached. I have ordered Root supplement and Fiddle leaf fig food as well as a hygrometer.  What is my best moving forward? Should I chop it close to the base and let it start fresh? Or do I just continue to nourish it and see where it goes?

  • How often do you water your plant?

I  usually water the plant every other week, or when it is dry.

  • How much do you water?

I let it drain thoroughly out of the bottom but I do not let it sit in water

  • What does your drainage look like?

Pebbles in pot and hole in bottom for water to run out

  • What soil are you using?

mixture of organic potting soil, perlite, and charcoal.

  • How often do you use fertilizer?

Every 3 weeks or so with a 3-1-2 Liquid plant food

  • How much sun does your plant get? Where is it in your home?

It is in a room with East, West, and South Windows




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    Hello and thank you for your question! Does the pot have multiple drainage holes? It may not be draining properly and the root system may be staying too wet. Best to have it in a nursery pot with multiple holes on the bottom and water until it drains out. Then wait to water again when top inches of soil are dry. Continue using the Fiddle Leaf Fig Plant Food and Root Supplement to help treat and prevent any future root infections. For more help, please post your photos and questions inside our supportive Facebook Community!


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