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Is all hope lost?

It seemed our tree had root rot (see pics) so we repotted and watered thoroughlyblank blank blank. It’s been a week and the moisture meter is still reading “wet” all the way through. The leaves are drooping and just looking sad. When we repotted we used Miracle Grow Moisture Control Soil mixed with standard Miracle Grow Potting Soil. We also added rocks to the bottom of the container to help with drainage. Is it possible the water is still not draining well? I’m afraid to add any more stress to the tree but should I add water and make sure it definitely drains through?



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    Hi Andrea, we usually recommend a fast-draining soil like cactus soil, or even a 50/50 mix of cactus and regular indoor potting mix. Rocks in the bottom can actual inhibit draining by bringing the wettest soil closer to the root ball, so you may want to try a pot with more holes and no rocks. I hope that helps!

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    Hi Claire - thank you for your response! We repotted with 50/50 mix of cactus soil and miracle grow potting soil. We drilled 2 more holes in the pot, watered thoroughly until we saw it was draining and then left it alone. It’s in a southwest facing window. We’ve been checking it with a moisture meter and just today saw that some areas are showing dry about an inch or so down, but most are still showing moist. We have not watered it yet. All the way through the pot is showing wet. We’ve lost 3-4 leaves and we now have GNATS. I’m wondering if we put too much soil or have too big of a pot. I’ve attached new pictures and hope you’re still able to help. ?


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