I bought my tree about 6wks ago. Upon bringing “Lazarus” (I’m drying to bring him back from dead-almost) home we repotted him in a 10 gal pot with drainage disk under and added good soil nursery recommended and watered him. Waited about 10 days later to water again. Since that time, he has lost half his leaves (literally lost count at about 25). His leaves started getting brown edges and I noticed little fruit flies on the soil. Went back to the nursery and they debated if I was under or over watering. Under-brown on edges of leaves not middle (said middle is sign of over watering). Over- flies.  Advised to move him outside for a few days to get rid of the flies, use a wood skewer to check soil at bottom of pot (which was dry). Gave him a good watering again. He also had white dusky spots on a couple leaves (not dust) so I sprayed him all over outside with water and a drop of dish soap in him to kill any bugs. 3 days later brought him in and couple days later noticed he had tiny spiders on him. Nursery said to kill them  and wait couple weeks since they thought I was under watering and was now on a better schedule. Vacuumed all spiders (and seem gone), flies remain, and continuing to drop leaves. Now almost all his leaves have brown starting on the edges. My father in law know a lot about plants, he looked at it and said there is no sign of new growth anywhere on it.  All the tips of the branches are brown and dry. I bought your plant food and he had his first dose last sunday (7 days ago). I give him about 2.5-3 qts water at a time (was every 10ish days now moved to 7 days bc thought I was under watering).  He doesn’t get direct sun at all but is in front of a wall of windows. Windows lead to a very large peaked roof covered porch but there is a ton of light. I watched your 101 webinar and ordered the light/moisture meter which I will have tomorrow. Your root supplement is out of stock on Amazon…is there another brand I can buy?  I’m very afraid he isn’t going to make it.  We live in Houston and keep our house at 73. Our great room is 24×24 and the AC vent is on the other side of the room from him so 20+ feet away from him.  Ok that is the whole story, every detail I can think of…any words of advise?  I really want to save him especially bc he was $150!

I’m including pictures…they are from my phone so they look darker (bc of the window glare) than it is. We designed our house to have a ton of natural light.  1st pic is him right after we got him so you can see how think and lush he was and what he’s like now…half of him.