Hi! My FLF, Clive has been with me for about a year and 3 months. About 4 months ago, I did move to a different apartment and Clive came along with me (safely in the front seat of the truck we used to move). He faces a large Northwest window but receives only about 45 minutes of direct light a day since we have tall buildings around us that block out the sun. Since he came home with me, he has lost quite a few leaves and has grown none, but the remaining leaves look healthy and upright, and his stalks remains strong. I recently purchased fertilizer that I dilute in his pot with about three cups of water. He gets watered by taking a quick room temperature shower once a week. My neighbors stuck a completely bare and dead fiddle leaf fig on their balcony and all of a sudden it sprouted 6 leaves at once! Outside!!! I’m desperate for new growth- please help!