Have had my fiddle for nearly 2 years. I live in Australia where the temperature is starting to get warm, 32° during the day and around 20 at night. It’s  dry so I  have been using a humidifier to get some moisture into the air. This plant has been remarkably healthy, she is around 5 feet tall, very leafy. The leaves are huge and 2 new leaves have recently appeared.  She is infront of an east-facing window so gets a about 2 hours of very early morning sun,  then the room remains bright for the remainder of the day. The tree is watered only when required though at this time of year it’s about twice a week.  Fertilized about twice a month during the growth  season with a fish based fertilizer plus a slow release .

A week ago I  checked all the plants before going to bed, all were fine. The next morning ALL the leaves on the fiddle were drooped flat against the trunk. A few days later the leaves began to go brown. This appears to follow the leaves veining. A few leaves have fallen off and the trunk  feels ‘ rubbery ‘.

Can I save this plant?  Help.