Here is my situation right now. I can’t decide whether I need to be giving it more water when I water it, or not. I’m leaning towards I do, based on the articles I’ve read on here about signs of over or under watering. But I would LOVE some push in the right direction to help me get this fiddle thriving as best as possible!! I water it once a week, every Tuesday with about 3 cups of water. I have been putting little less than a table spoon of Miracle Gro “all purpose water soluble plant food” in the water as well with each week. My fiddle is 3ft 9inches from soil to top of tallest leaf. Any guidance you can give is SO appreciated!


I also have a picture showing some little roots that are making an appearance at the top of the soil. Is there something I need to do about that??


Thank you for your time in reading this! Your posts have been the reason I’ve stuck with my fiddle leafs. I’ve learned so much!