blank blank blank blank blank blankHi.
I’ve had this Home Depot fig for many years, and it’s been a champ. This winter I got distracted and screwed up the watering and it lost most of its leaves. Now there are is some new growth coming in at the base, and a few old leaves remaining up top. It’s hit the ceiling and I’m thinking of pruning, and maybe trying to propagate the tops?
My questions:
If I cut it down to the new growth, will that much pruning hurt or kill the plant?
I need to re-pot it too. Should I do that first or wait on it?
The leaves that were lost in the middle won’t grow back, right? If they’re gone for good, how can I try to get this awkward plant into a more treelike shape, and hopefully retain some height or set the plant up to grow back some height?
Any other suggestions?
Thank you!