How long have you had your plant? 9 months
When did the problem start? since I’ve brought the plant home
What are the symptoms of the problem? very slow growth and brown spots on leaves
How often do you water your plant? every 7-10 days
How much do you water? 1.5 C water
What does your drainage look like? the water drains to the bottom, I can see a few drops
What soil are you using? what came with the plant, Costco
How often do you use fertilizer? very lightly with each watering
How much sun does your plant get? my plant is in front of a south facing window Where is it in your home? northern California

A few leaves have fallen off since I’ve had the plant, I think due to acclimation. When I bought the plant, the root ball was very wet and I had to let it dry out for many weeks. The plant came with brown spots. Most of those leaves have fallen off. Some leaves still have brown spots. No bugs, insects or noticeable fungus growth. I should really give this tall and thin lady a name – Lori. (I had a tall and thin friend in high school). I use a moisture meter and only water when dry. I dust Lori’s leaves and talk to her to encourage growth to no avail. Any suggestions?