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Is your plant suffering from root rot? Click to watch a video and learn more about our root rot treatment. Rid your fiddle leaf fig plant of root rot today.

About Our Root Rot Treatment

About Our Root Rot Treatment

Hi, I’m Claire Akin with the Houseplant Resource Center. Today I want to tell you about our root supplement treatment. We created this after two years of development to treat all of the common pathogens that cause root rot in houseplants. We know that root rot is the number-one killer of houseplants. It can cause brown spots on the leaves or leaf drop, and it can kill your plants in a matter of days or weeks. And it’s contagious, so it can spread throughout your entire houseplant collection, killing many of your plants quickly. So you want to make sure that you protect against root rot. We created this treatment that actually uses your plant’s own immunity to protect it against the bacterial and fungal pathogens that cause root rot.

Check it out today. You can use it once a week, one teaspoon per plant. You can use it every time you water, and you can even combine it with fertilizer to protect your plants and to support healthy growth.

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