Fiddle Leaf Fig Before and After Photos: The Best Fertilizer for Fiddle Leaf Figs

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Around here, we’re big fans of our Fiddle Leaf Fig Food. I developed this special fertilizer for fiddle leaf figs after years of owning these gorgeous plants because other fertilizers just weren’t cutting it. I also couldn’t remember the schedule on which I was supposed to be fertilizing!  Tons [...]

Do’s and Don’ts for Shiny Fiddle Leaf Fig Leaves

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Do’s and Don’ts for Shiny Fiddle Leaf Fig Leaves Fiddle leaf figs are beautiful plants and we all want those shiny fiddle leaf fig leaves! But sometimes our fiddles need a little help to shine!  Our plant’s leaves might get dusty or just grow out dull instead of gleaming [...]

Fiddle Rehab: How to Treat Major Fiddle Leaf Fig Problems

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We fiddle leaf fig owners try to do right by our fiddles, but sometimes we don’t get it quite right. Or something happens beyond our control that throws our poor trees into crisis mode!  What should you do when this happens? How do you help your tree bounce back [...]

How to Buy a Plant Online and What to Do When It Arrives

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How to Buy a Plant Online and What to Do When It Arrives Buying a plant online does not have to be scary! Click to watch the video and read below for the top 10 tips on how to buy a plant online and what to do when it [...]

Fiddle Leaf Fig Care: The Ten Commandments

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Caring for your fiddle leaf fig can be complex and overwhelming, especially if you are a first time plant owner. Good fiddle leaf fig care makes your plant stronger and more resistant to disease. But poor care creates a downward spiral of sickness and problems. Luckily, there are ten critical [...]

The 2019 Gift Guide for Fiddle Leaf Fig Lovers

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It’s that time of year when a lot of us are shopping for holiday gifts and wondering what on earth we should get for certain family members.  So what’s on your favorite fiddle leaf fig lover’s wish list this holiday season?  If you’re not quite sure, don’t worry! We’ve [...]

How to Get Rid of Fungus Gnats on Fiddle Leaf Fig Plants

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Keeping pests away from your fiddle leaf fig might feel like an endless battle.  All houseplants are potential breeding grounds for insects, and fiddles are susceptible to pests like spider mites, mealybugs, and scale.  Another insect you might notice bugging your fiddle leaf fig is the fungus gnat.  These [...]

5 Seasonal Changes That Can Hurt Your Fiddle Leaf Fig

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This time of year, the seasons are changing in most places. If you’re in the northern hemisphere, you’re well into autumn. If you’re in the southern hemisphere, you’re enjoying spring and heading into summer!  The changing of the seasons is an exciting time, but it can also introduce environmental [...]

Factors to Consider When Watering Your Fiddle Leaf Fig & How to Prevent Overwatering

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One of the most common questions we hear about fiddle leaf figs is “How much do I water it?”  We’ve written about this before, but we wanted to expand on the topic because one of the fastest ways to kill a fiddle leaf fig is to water it incorrectly.  [...]

Signs Your Fiddle Leaf Fig Needs More Humidity

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Fiddle leaf figs are tropical plants, which means they love humidity more than anything!  However, in a world of air conditioning and indoor heating (not to mention the fact that a lot of us live in dry climates) giving our plants enough humidity can be a challenge!  It can [...]

Dried Out Fiddle Leaf Fig – What To Do Next?

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Maybe you got busy. It happens. Maybe you went on vacation and forgot to get a plant sitter, or maybe you have no idea what happened.  Whatever the cause, you have a dried-out fiddle on your hands. Now what? How can you save your tree? CAN your tree be [...]