Unless you are an experienced houseplant owner, you probably have never considered aerating the soil for your fiddle leaf fig. But this simple and easy trick can have a big impact on the health of your plant.

Soil aeration allows more air to circulate within your pot, decreasing the risk of root rot and improving the health of your plant’s roots. Take a few minutes to aerate your fiddle leaf fig soil today!

What is Soil Aeration?

Soil aeration is simply putting holes into the soil to loosen it up and allow air to circulate. In nature, the soil is constantly being aerated by decomposition and earthworms. In a pot, it’s the opposite, as the soil is always being compacted by regular watering and the growth of new roots.

The Benefits of Aerating Your Fiddle Leaf Fig Soil

Your fiddle leaf fig may have started with well-aerated soil, but after several months, the soil may be dense and compacted. This can cause stress on the roots, which can’t breathe and may be kept too moist between waterings. By aerating the soil, you can improve the health of your plant including:

  • Greater oxygen flow to the roots
  • Less risk of root rot and bacterial infection
  • A healthier and more resilient plant

How to Aerate Your Fiddle Leaf Fig Soil

It’s easy to aerate the soil for your plant, you’ll just want to be gentle to avoid injuring the root system. Use a wooden skewer, a chopstick, or a moisture meter to gentle poke holes and loosen the soil around your plant’s roots.

Aim to make two holes per inch diameter of your pot. So if you have an 8-inch pot, you would gently poke 16 holes in the soil. Wiggle your tool back and forth a bit to loosen up the roots and soil. Repeat the process once every month or two for best results.

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