I purchased a FLF about a year ago from Home Depot on a whim – not knowing much about them, other than their inherent beauty. What I didn’t even realize was that my plant is actually two plants! I bought him right before a two-week vacation – which left his bottom leaves a little worse for wear. Fortunately, since then we’ve been best friends.

This guy grows like there’s no tomorrow – I’ve gotten about 6-8 new leaves on each plant in a years time, all of which are HUGE and healthy.

However, I’m now facing 2 dilemmas:

  1. Each plant is about 4 feet tall at this point – and the portions of the trees which face inward toward one another are not putting out leaves. I assume the best solution is to divide them into separate pots.
    1. How (and when) do I do this without causing any trauma?
  2. The rapid growth at the top has caused them to be very top-heavy, and each are unable to stand upright – they lean away from one another (also probably not being helped by being crowded next to the other one). I’d previously had them pulled together with soft garden wire, but the photo included is without that… obviously.
    1. Can I stake them upright, and if so what is the best product to do that with? Or are there other solutions?


Also, yes the tree gets lots of light where it is – happens to be a cloudy day here.

Any advice is greatly appreciated!



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