How long have you had your plant?

  • I just bought it two days ago.

When did the problem start?

  • I purchased it with the leaves as they are.

What are the symptoms of the problem?

  • Browning veins on the top three leaves. A few other leaves have spots on them, but not as dark or as much as the top three.

How often do you water your plant?

  • I haven’t watered it yet. I bought it and the soil was still moist so I didn’t think I should.

How much do you water?

  • I haven’t started yet. However, I bought it for $16 at a local Kroger grocery store in Ohio. I imagine they weren’t taking the best care of it. I believe they first got them in 2-3 weeks ago and there were only 4 left and this was one of them.

What does your drainage look like?

  • The pot it came in has drainage holes, but I haven’t seen it in action yet.

What soil are you using?

  • I don’t know, but I imagine Kroger used a potting mix. 

How often do you use fertilizer?

  • I haven’t yet.

How much sun does your plant get? Where is it in your home?

  • It probably gets 12+ hours of indirect sunlight from a large north-facing window. I just brought it home though, so I doubt it’s made any difference.

Thanks in advance for your help!