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diagnosing my fig problem

  • How long have you had your plant?
    • almost 3 years
  • When did the problem start?
    • about 6ish months ago, it really started to show – before that, it was still “somewhat” healthy so I didn’t pursue the issue
  • What are the symptoms of the problem?
    • drooping leaves, yellowing, and brown spots
  • How often do you water your plant?
    • a little every week, or let it dry out and every 2 – depending on how it retains water with indoor climate
  • How much do you water?
    • about 1.5 gallons (my pot is 19 inches deep and 19 inches wide – I know, way too big.) My tree is about 8 feet from bottom of pot to top leaf.
  • What does your drainage look like?
    • a little streams out, ending up with maybe around 3 cups at times coming out drainage holes
  • What soil are you using?
    • regular indoor plant soil – and I’m pretty sure this might be the problem. Along with the issue that I repotted in WAY too big of a pot (by 6-8 inches too big), I did not know at the time that figs like to be root bound. I am wondering if I need to repot in a smaller pot with proper soil and nutrients as there may blankbe a possible root rot issublankeblank
  • How often do you use fertilizer?
    • I have never fertilized this plant
  • How much sun does your plant get? Where is it in your home?
    • tons of indirect light all day long (huge wall size size windows in living space, but the fig is never in direct light) probably why it’s been okay for so long


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