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Fig Desperately in Need of Help

Dear Fiddle Leaf Doctor,

I am in dire need of your expert guidance.

Our fiddle leaf fig had previously been the star of our apartment but for the past three months it has been looking increasingly unhappy. 

How long have you had your plant?

8 months

When did the problem start?
3 months ago

What are the symptoms of the problem?
Initially leaves at the bottom started going yellow and dropping off.

I thought this might be from over-watering so the frequency of watering was reduced from three weekly to monthly but it has now lost 10 leaves in 2 weeks and looks terrible.

Now I note that the leaves seem to be bleaching and not necessarily exactly in a bottom to top order.

How much do you water?

2 cups with a teaspoon of fiddle leaf fig plant food 

What does your drainage look like?
We’re using slightly gravelly soil with gravel on top.

It is in a plastic pot suspended a few centimetres above the bottom of a ceramic pot by some broken pottery. The water drains out of the plastic pot into this gap at the bottom of the ceramic pot. The ceramic pot does not have holes in it.

How often do you use fertilizer?
We use fiddle leaf fertiliser every time we water monthly.

How much sun does your plant get? Where is it in your home?
It gets a lot of sun as it sits directly in front of an South-East facing window.

I’m desperate for any advice you can provide to save this fig, please help!


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    Hello and thank you for your question! I recommend removing any rocks from the top of your soil and ensuring you are only using a fast draining soil in a pot with drainage holes at the bottom. The rocks are inhibiting the soil from drying out properly and not allowing proper oxygen to get to the aerial roots.
    Also, I recommend watering until it drains out the bottom drainage holes then waiting until the top inches of soil are dry before watering again. This should be around every 7-10 days. For more support and quick advice, I encourage you to join our Facebook community!


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