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Should I repot my fig?

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  • How long have you had your plant?
    • 2-3 years
    • Purchased from a grocery store and was about 2 feet high
    • Now measures about 6 feet tall
  • What is the problem?
    • I’ve noticed the shape of the container beginning to look like an oval, rather than a round circle
    • I’m curious whether I should repot or not, however am well aware that this is a stressful event for figs!
  • How often do you water your plant?
    • once per week
  • How much do you water?
    • about 4 cups
  • What does your drainage look like?
    • the pot is sitting in a plastic liner
    • the pot has multiple drainage holes
    • I never leave it sitting in standing water
  • What soil are you using?
    • Whatever soil it came in!
    • It is in the original pot that I bought it in
  • How often do you use fertilizer?
    • Never
  • How much sun does your plant get? Where is it in your home?
    • It never gets direct sun
    • It sits by a window in the front of our house, facing SW
    • It probably gets 3-4 hours in summer of sunset sun filtered through a large tree that is directly outside the window


My questions are:

  • Should I repot? If so, how big of a pot should I move it to? And what is the best process for doing this!
  • Also, there are multiple damaged leaves on the lower half (from my young children poking holes…a tragedy!). Should I remove these? If so, what’s the best process? I’m afraid clipping them at all once would be a little shocking to the fig.
  • Is there any advantage to trimming lower half + having it be more of a topiary style fig as opposed to leaving it as is, with leaves covering the whole “trunk?”

Thank you SO much for your time & consideration. Your website has been a great resource for me in caring for my first fig!



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