I recently purchased a FLF from someone (so “second hand” I guess) and have noticed that the top leaves have started to point upwards as opposed to “flopping” out like the lower leaves. Is this a problem?

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It sits in a well-draining pot with premium potting mix. I also use a plant fertiliser every few weeks.
My FLF is indoors right next to where the east-facing balcony is – so next to the window basically. I haven’t seen any new brown spots/burnt leaves since owning it (there are a couple spots which were already there when I purchased but they haven’t worsened). I did lose 1 leaf soon after moving it into my home.

The plant is about 1 metre high from the top of the soil – the lower leaves are quite small but higher up they are quite large.

Is there something I should/could be doing better? and is it a problem that the higher leaves stand upwards?

Grateful for your advice.

Jen 🙂