Hello there!

I’ve recently received a FLF as a gift. I really love the new plant. However, I love the look of a singular tree trunk. I see two trunk and I did some research and would rather not bind the bush to grow into one. I asked the giver if they noticed if the root had two ball, but they did not pay much attention when they repotted the FLF. I am afraid of investigation for the fear the FLF might not like being disturbed continuously. I just received the plant yesterday as it was also repotted one day ago. The plant is about 20-24 inches high. I would like to repot them separately. But would love your knowledge on this topic. I noticed that one of the trunk has a damaged top and I am afraid it will branch from that damaged top instead of growing straight from the damage. If I was to repot them into separate containers. Would you recommend waiting until next summer? I am afraid the root will start to intertwine and be difficult to separate later on. I live in Louisiana so it won’t be cold until another 1-2 months from now. What is your opinion on this matter. Sorry if I ramble and it is confusing!