Fiddle Leaf Fig Christmas Decor: Christmas Fiddle Leaf Fig Decoration Ideas | The Fiddle Leaf Fig Plant Resource
Discover unique fiddle leaf fig Christmas decor within this post. Transform your Fiddle Leaf Fig into a stunning Christmas showpiece.

Fiddle Leaf Fig Christmas Decor: Christmas Fiddle Leaf Fig Decoration Ideas

This guide explores fiddle leaf fig Christmas decor ideas to enhance your holiday and the benefits it provides. 

Embellishing your fiddle leaf fig plant for Christmas can enhance the ambiance of your home and set your home apart from others. It delivers an easy way to decorate any living space for the holiday celebration. 

When decorating your fiddle leaf fig for Christmas, there are many ways to provide the right decor to showcase your personality and decorative style. Whether you want to add a simple bow or place small ornaments, there’s a lot you can do with your fiddle leaf fig. 

Many individuals are jumping on the popular train to decorate the beautiful plant for the holiday season and it’s continuing to rise in popular trends. 

Discover unique fiddle leaf fig Christmas decor within this post. Transform your Fiddle Leaf Fig into a stunning Christmas showpiece.

How To Decorate A Fiddle Leaf Fig For Christmas

1. Hang Candy Canes

You can drape candy canes at the base of each leaf to highlight the Christmas feel of the entire plant. Make sure they are small to avoid weighing down the plant or accidentally tearing it. If your plant is strong enough with height and mass, you may add larger candy canes, but make sure to test it first before adding more. 

There are many varieties of candy canes with different colors and sizes. You can pick the ones that fit your Christmas style from a vibrant to rustic embellished appearance.  

Another way to add candy canes is to place a handful in the soil pot and other unique decorations. It provides a fun look and an easy way to enhance the fiddle leaf fig plant for Christmas.

2. Place Small Ornaments

There are many miniature to small ornaments you can hang within your fig tree that won’t weigh it down. These can come in angels, presents, or bulb ornaments that offer a way to spice up the tree without putting too much stress on the plant. 

You can place a few of them on the base of the leaves. Be careful not to add too much to minimize the weight you put on the fig tree. 

Small fiddle-leaf fig trees may not hold ornaments and other decorative pieces. It’s best to ensure you know how strong your plant is and avoid weighing it down. 

Many offer miniature collections from online retail stores to local stores with distinctive styles for the type of Christmas appearance you’re looking for. 

3. Decorate With Lighting 

Decorate the fig tree with white, red, green, blue, and gold lighting around the base or the top of the soil pot. You can also drape lighting on the top and bottom of the soil pot to brighten the plant even more. 

Another unique way to add lighting is to combine a mixture of various colors allowing for a beautiful appeal on the eyes. 

You can also have a lighting backdrop cascade behind the fiddle leaf fig tree to highlight it with a bright Christmas ambiance. 

Lighting serves to brighten the living space of a fig tree for the Christmas holiday. Getting lighting is a simple and affordable way to add a stylish flair to the fig tree. 

4. Place A Large Bow In The Front

To add a simple Christmas style, you can add one large bow made with a thick knit fabric for quality. It can be placed in the middle of the thin trunk of the fig tree allowing for a minimalist holiday decoration. 

For those looking for a more intense appearance, you can add two more bows with different colors. Make sure to space them evenly apart for an eye-catching appearance. 

5. Decorate Soil Pot

Another way to have a unique fiddle leaf fig Christmas decor is to embellish the soil pot with natural to vibrant decorations. 

These decorations can be placed in a batch of aromatic pine cones on the soil pot near the base of the tree trunk. You can also add ornaments between the pine cones for added flair. 

A good decoration is to craft a wreath on top of the soil pot with pine leaves surrounding the inner and outer edges. Add small decorative Christmas bulbs within the leaves to enhance the style further. Adorning other ornaments can also be incorporated within the wreath for added Christmas decor. 

If you want to add another stylish decor for your pot, you can drape an evergreen garland surrounding it. 

6. Purchase Decorative Pots 

If you don’t need to decorate your soil pot, you can purchase a decorative Christmas-themed one. You can place your fiddle leaf fig tree within the soil pot and add other simple decorations if desired. 

The pot allows you to decorate for the holiday without putting too much maintenance on decorating the tree. 

These are some of the ways of how to decorate a fiddle leaf fig for Christmas that can make your holiday season vibrant.  

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Best Places To Set Up Fiddle Leaf Fig Christmas Decor

Aside from learning how to decorate a fiddle leaf fig for Christmas, you can set it up in the best in your home. When setting up your fiddle leaf fig Christmas decor, you can place it anywhere around the home, but the best place enhances the home further. 

  • Place in the corner of the living room: Make sure to set your plant in the living room in a wide-open space in the corner that’s visible for everyone to see as they walk in the room. Ensure it is near a window for the best light!
  • Set up near a fireplace: Place the fiddle leaf fig tree near a fireplace, but not too close to overheating the plant. It can be near it enough to enhance the Christmas decorations. Having stockings on the fireplace coupled with a well-decorative fig tree compliments the Christmas theme.  
  • Near a window: Another place for your fiddle leaf fig Christmas decor is to set it up in front of and up against a window in the front of the home. If you have a window near the front door, but not too close to the door. Many guests can see the well-decorative tree outside the home. 
  • In the middle of a room: Another good spot is to put the plant in the middle of a room from the kitchen to the living room. If it’s small enough, it can be placed on a coffee table with decorations surrounding the base of the soil pot. 

These are some of the best places to set up the fiddle leaf fig tree for your Christmas decor. 

Growing Popularity Of Using Fiddle Leaf Figs In Christmas Decor

Incorporating Christmas decor with fiddle leaf figs is relatively new and isn’t as common as you may think. 

However, fiddle leaf fig trees are growing in popularity and many are adding them to their homes for a vibrant decorative ambiance. 

Getting a fiddle leaf fig tree and decorating it for Christmas can become a popular way to add some Christmas decor to the home without much effort. 

Benefits Of Fiddle Leaf Fig Christmas Decor

Decorating with fiddle leaf fig trees during the Christmas season can add a touch of natural elegance to your holiday decor. 

Here are some benefits of incorporating fiddle-leaf fig trees into your Christmas decorations:

  • Natural Beauty: Fiddle leaf fig trees are known for their large, glossy leaves, which can provide a lush and visually appealing backdrop to your holiday decorations. The vibrant green color of the leaves contrasts well with traditional Christmas colors, such as red and gold.
  • Versatility: Fiddle leaf figs are versatile and can be placed in various areas of your home, including the living room, and dining room, or even as a centerpiece on the dining table. They can complement different decorating styles, from traditional to modern.
  • Height and Structure: The tall and structured nature of the fiddle leaf fig makes it a striking focal point in a room. During Christmas, you can use the tree as a natural Christmas tree alternative or place it alongside your main Christmas tree to add height and structure to your decor.
  • Low Maintenance: Fiddle leaf figs are relatively low maintenance compared to some other houseplants. This makes them an excellent choice for holiday decor, as they can be enjoyed without requiring excessive attention during the busy holiday season.
  • Indoor Air Quality: Houseplants, including fiddle leaf figs, contribute to indoor air quality by filtering out certain pollutants and releasing oxygen. Having these plants in your home during the holiday season can enhance the overall air quality.
  • Adaptable to Decor Themes: Fiddle leaf figs can adapt to different Christmas decor themes. You can decorate them with lights, and ornaments, or even incorporate small, festive elements that match your overall holiday theme.

Fiddle Leaf Christmas: Wrapping Up Your Holiday Decor Journey

There are many ways you can decorate a fiddle leaf fig tree that doesn’t require too much effort on your part. It’s a fun way to add something new for the Christmas holiday. 

Consider the ways to spice up your fig tree for the season and ensure the health of your plant for the holidays. 

You can choose one of many Christmas fiddle leaf fig decoration ideas to use in your holiday season decorative style. 

Learning how to decorate a fiddle leaf fig for Christmas can add a unique appearance to the home. It provides numerous benefits to the home that can set you apart from others. 

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