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Tree has lost all its leaves after repotting

  1. Leaves falling Off blankOur tree was BIG and beautiful but seemed like it was outgrowing the pot it was in. I took it outside on a warm day and gave it a bath gently with the water hose and then wiped off each leave to get any dust off. I left for a week and came back to almost every leaf gone. I have given it one teaspoon of the plant food in last weeks watering and It’s still dropping leaves. The tree only gets indirect sunlight and I have it in our warmest room on the sun side of our house. It’s not near a vent and we keep it on 73 inside. I used potting soil that was for indoor pots And for moisture control. I’m wondering if I should move the tree to our back porch which is screened in and shade. It’s very humid in North Carolina with Temperatures in the summer from 80-100 with an even higher heat index. I don’t really want to put it on our back porch but if I need to for it to be revived I will.
  2. Also – for the plant food – 1 teaspoon for 2 cups – should I be giving the tree the full two cups of water once a week?


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    It's probably dropping leaves from shock, because that's a lot of change! I'd put it in the spot where it was thriving and go back to the routine you were doing before to see if it stabilizes. Fiddle Leaf Figs hate change! It might also be a watering issue, because indoor soil doesn't always drain well enough (even the moisture control stuff), so I like to mix it 50/50 with cactus soil.


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