Announcing Our New Premium Fiddle Leaf Fig Potting Soil! (Video)

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We are so excited to officially release our new Premium Fiddle Leaf Fig Potting Soil today! It's available on Amazon now within the United States. Watch the video below to learn more and save $2 on your first order for a limited time! What Is It? We worked with top [...]

6 Ways to Prevent Root Rot in Fiddle Leaf Fig Plants (Video)

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Prevent Root Rot in Fiddle Leaf Fig Plants Did you know that root rot is the most common problem facing fiddle leaf fig plants? Root rot can kill your fiddle leaf fig in a matter of days or weeks. (Read Everything You Need to Know About Root Rot in [...]

Fertilizer for your Fiddle Leaf Fig: How to Make Sure Your Plant Gets the Perfect Amount

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How to Make Sure Your Fiddle Leaf Fig Gets the Perfect Amount of Fertilizer By now, you probably know that too much fertilizer is dangerous for plants, including fiddle leaf figs. Quick summary: Too much fertilizer can lead to chemical burns and dehydration. No good!  So how do you [...]

How to Treat and Prevent Root Rot in Fiddle Leaf Fig Trees (Video)

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Perhaps the most common problem we see is root rot in fiddle leaf fig trees. Root rot is caused by too much water, not enough drainage, and made worse by lack of sunlight. In this exclusive video, Meg Miller describes how she identified and quickly treated root rot as the culprit [...]

Top Fiddle Leaf Fig Care Tips from Guest Expert Alessandra Pham

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Our Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree Resource Group on Facebook is growing every week. Our members are full of fiddle leaf fig care tips and tricks. One expert that shares her insights is member Alessandra Pham. She was kind enough to put together a list of her fiddle leaf fig care [...]

How Dry Is Too Dry? When to Water Your Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree

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Did you know that the number-one cause of sick fiddle leaf fig plants is over-watering? It's so tempting to water our plants more often than they need in an effort to care for them. I used to over-water all of my houseplants when I was younger because I cared about [...]

Sick Fiddle Leaf Fig Plant? Take it Outside!

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Do you have a sick fiddle leaf fig? Sometimes fiddle leaf fig plants get stuck in a rut and it's tough to break them out. Brown spots, dropping leaves, and lack of growth can be frustrating and challenging to overcome. If you have a plant you're ready to give up [...]

Just Released: The Fiddle Leaf Fig Expert is Available Now! (Buy Now)

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We are thrilled to announce that our book, The Fiddle Leaf Fig Expert, is finally available on Amazon now in full-color paperback or on Kindle! The Fiddle Leaf Fig Expert is an easy-to-understand guide for growing healthy and happy ficus lyrata plants. The book includes actionable information to improve the [...]

How to Keep Your Fiddle Leaf Fig Healthy, Green, and Gorgeous

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Fiddle leaf figs are popular because they provide such eye-catching beauty in a home or office. The lush, verdant leaves make a striking impact. But if things go south and the leaves start to drop or get brown spots, your fiddle leaf fig may make you more frustrated than proud. [...]

The Ultimate Photo Identification Guide to Fiddle Leaf Fig Brown Spots

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One of the most common concerns that fiddle leaf fig owners face is brown spots on the beautiful leaves of their plant. The condition can be frustrating and confusing because it takes a bit of experience to determine what is causing the brown spots on your fiddle leaf fig. It’s [...]

What to Do if Your Fiddle Leaf Fig Is Dropping Leaves

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One of the first and most common signs of trouble in a fiddle leaf fig tree is dropping leaves. Ficus plants, in general, are prone to leaf loss when they’re stressed, but for the ficus lyrata (fiddle leaf fig), dropping leaves means the plant needs help quickly. Because fiddle leaf [...]

Diagnosing and Treating Root Rot in Fiddle Leaf Fig Plants

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The most common problem you'll see on the discussion board of this site and in our Facebook group is root rot in fiddle leaf figs. It typically starts as brown spots on the leaves that begin spreading, before the leaves drop. Root rot is a serious problem in fiddle leaf [...]

Creating Perfect Drainage for a Fiddle Leaf Fig

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Creating a healthy drainage situation may be the most important investment you make in the health of your fiddle leaf fig. Your plant will suffer serious damage with poor drainage, and no soil or fertilizer can correct problems caused by lack of drainage. It's important to get your drainage right [...]

The Most Beautiful Pots for a Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree (Buy Online)

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Adding a gorgeous fiddle leaf fig tree to your home is a fantastic way to make a statement and wow your guests. But the plant itself provides only half the impact. A stunning container for your fiddle leaf fig tree will bring the focus to your plant and provide an [...]

Preparing to Propagate a Fiddle Leaf Fig Plant (With Pictures)

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If you've decided you'd like to propagate a fiddle leaf fig plant, there's no time like the present. The best time to propagate your plant is in the spring when your plant is naturally growing and there's plenty of light available. But to ensure a successful outcome and a smooth [...]

How to Repot a Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree (And Add a Decorative Container!)

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If you are getting ready to repot a fiddle leaf fig tree, you may feel overwhelmed by the size of the root ball or the perceived delicate nature of the plant. A lot of people out there may tell you that repotting a fiddle leaf fig is complex or difficult, [...]