Do’s and Don’ts for Shiny Fiddle Leaf Fig Leaves

Fiddle leaf figs are beautiful plants and we all want those shiny fiddle leaf fig leaves!

But sometimes our fiddles need a little help to shine! 

Our plant’s leaves might get dusty or just grow out dull instead of gleaming and beautiful. Unfortunately, there’s a lot of advice out there about getting that coveted shine, and not all of it is good. Some of it is downright harmful and can lead to serious problems for your fiddle! 

I wanted to clear things up a little and share some healthy ways to get those nice, shiny leaves we’re all looking for, as well as point out what NOT to do. 


Take care of your plant

This might seem obvious, but this really is the most important factor in shiny fiddle leaves. Your tree can’t shine if it’s not healthy! 

Make sure that your tree gets plenty of indirect sunlight, the right amount of water, and the right nutrients to support healthy leaf growth. If you’ve got those three elements in place, everything else will be so much easier! 

This site is full of articles to help you take the best possible care of your fig, so study up!

Provide humidity

As tropical plants, fiddles LOVE humidity. It keeps their leaves nice and supple, which promotes shine and that beautiful deep green color. 

Keep your tree away from vents, space heaters, and drafts, and provide a humidifier or pebble tray to provide some extra humidity, especially if you live in a dry climate. 

Give your tree a shower every once in a while and make sure to mist your new leaf buds so they can grow out healthy, green, and shiny! 

Clean your leaves 

Again, this seems obvious, but dust and hard water stains are one of the key factors in dull leaves. 

Cleaning your leaves is also a matter of health, because plants use their leaves to carry out photosynthesis (eat) and respirate (breathe), so it’s important to keep the leaves clean so they can do their job! 

Every once in a while, wipe down your leaves with distilled water and a very small amount of detergent-free soap. 

Try these articles for more detailed instructions: 

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Apply a healthy leaf shine product

I love our new Leaf Armor Spray because not only does it protect your leaves from dust and give them a healthy shine, it also wards off pests! It’s perfect for cleaning and protecting. Over time, it even helps your plant retain more of its own moisture!

This leaf shine is safe for your fiddle and will give it that beautiful, glossy look you’re going for. 

Do you want shiny fiddle leaf fig leaves? Click and read the things you should and should not do to get healthy, shiny fiddle leaf fig leaves.


DON’T apply mayonnaise, coconut oil, milk, or another fat-based product

I see this advice floating around a lot, and it’s a definite no-no because it can actually hurt your plant.

While it might provide some temporary shine, these greasy products can clog the leaves’ “pores” and interfere with photosynthesis and respiration. Like dust and dirt, heavy oils on the leaves can effectively starve and suffocate your plant! 

So stick to keeping your leaves clean and using appropriate leaf shining products to get those shiny leaves! 

DON’T scrub your leaves

Be gentle with your fiddle’s leaves! Even wiping with a rough cloth can remove the top layer of cells from the leaves. Avoid using anything to wipe your leaves besides a very soft cloth, and only give it a gentle wipe-down. 

DON’T use harsh cleansers

Soaps, cleansers, and detergents can chemically burn your leaves, strip them of their natural oils, or even remove the top layers of cells, much like over scrubbing. Stick to water with a little castile soap or even just water. 

Shine on! 

The best thing you can do is care for your plant’s health and keep the leaves clean. Like humans, plants look best when they’re healthy, so I prefer a health-first approach to shiny leaves! 

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