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Follow these Instagram accounts for the best fiddle leaf fig photos and tips. These top fiddle leaf fig instagram accounts are the best around.

Top Fiddle Leaf Fig Instagram Accounts

Fiddle leaf fig plants are some of the most popular houseplants you will see on Instagram. The Fiddle Leaf Fig Plant Resource Center has a thriving Instagram page.

You can learn a lot about fiddle leaf figs from Instagram. From how best to water them, where to place them in your home, and more. Instagram is also the best place to admire other fiddle leaf fig lovers photos of their plants.

Here are our top Fiddle Leaf Fig Instagram accounts for you to follow.

Top Fiddle Leaf Fig Instagram Accounts


With over 2 million followers, you will be sure to find inspiration and helpful tips for your fiddle leaf fig and other houseplants.


A plant and interior stylist, his unique photography and imagery makes anyone stop their Insta-scroll.


A resource for gardening, growing plants, and outdoor living, you will be inspired by their many landscape images!


Follow Amanda for tips about your fiddle leaf fig and check out her many plants that are shipped direct from the greenhouse.


A blog by two sisters and homebodies, they often share shots of their fiddle leaf figs and other houseplants.


Emily offers many helpful tips about growing a healthy fiddle leaf fig on her blog and YouTube channel.


A nursery local to Parkland, FL, their Instagram feed boasts gorgeous photos and tips of fiddle leaf figs.


Leon and George is one of the top online retailers of gorgeous indoor plants. Discover a new planter for your fiddle leaf fig.

Did your favorite Fiddle Leaf Fig Instagram account make the list?

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