Fiddle Leaf Fig Before And After: Angela Went from Novice to Expert

Fiddle Leaf Fig Before And After Photos: How Angela Went from Novice to Expert

There’s nothing we love more than some good fiddle leaf fig before and after photos! It’s amazing to see what’s possible when your plants are happy with your care.

One of the members in our Fiddle Leaf Fig Facebook Group, Angela, recently contacted me to tell me her amazing fiddle leaf fig story, and I loved it so much that we wanted to share her story and tips!

I love Angela’s story because it shows that fiddle leaf fig care is a learning process, and it’s okay if you aren’t perfect right away. Fiddle leaf figs are resilient (despite their reputations as fussy plants, which drives me crazy), so it’s okay to learn on the job.

The best way to learn is by jumping right in and learning as you go, which is exactly what Angela did and how her fiddles became so happy!

Let’s get to the interview!

How Angela Went from Beginner to Expert (with Fiddle Leaf Fig before and after photos!)

FLF Resource Center: How did you get started with fiddle leaf figs?

Angela: I have been obsessed with fiddle leaf figs for a very long time!

Without doing any research, I finally purchased my first one in December 2018 and placed it beside my fireplace because that’s where I always wanted it to be. Little did I know this was the worst spot because it had very low light.

Imagine my horror when I noticed it was dropping all its beautiful leaves! Three months later, only 2 of her leaves were left.

FLF Resource Center: Oh no! How did you fix the problem?

Angela: I questioned all my green-thumbed friends to no avail. So I finally went to YouTube for help.

In addition to choosing a poor spot for my fiddle, I also realized I was probably overwatering. I changed the soil and moved her to the kitchen window. But she still wasn’t improving.

So I kept researching until I discovered that you can shock a plant into “survival mode” by gently slicing into its stem with a sterilized razor or pair of shears.

After learning they love bright, indirect light, I then moved her to the bay window in my kitchen.

Lastly, I applied the greenhouse method by placing a large plastic bag over her.

After only 3 days, I started to see new growth!! I was beside myself with joy!

Fiddle Leaf Fig Before and After Photos:


After a few weeks, she was on her way to recovery. Today she is almost 3 ft tall with humongous leaves spanning almost 15 inches! Her new leaves are almost double the size of her old leaves. Her older leaves are starting to droop so I’m thinking it may be time to change the soil and upgrade her from a 10-inch pot.

Regaining my confidence, I got a second fiddle leaf fig in March 2019. Since I learned so much from my first experience, I had no problems with this one. She quickly grew from 8 inches to almost 3 feet in one year! They are both so green and lush that my son did not know they were ‘real’ plants. He assumed they were fake!

Fiddle Leaf Fig Before and After Photos:

Before and After

My fiddles are my pride and joy.

FLF Resource Center: That’s amazing! So we have to ask: It’s traditional in the houseplant world to name your plants. Did you name your fiddles?

Angela: I most definitely named my fiddles! They are Fiona and Farrah.

FLF Resource Center: Now that you’ve gotten to know your fiddle leaf figs, what’s your care routine like?

Angela: My routine is pretty simple. Since Farrah and Fiona love the bright indirect light through my kitchen window, my day begins by opening the blinds as I’m brewing my cup of coffee. I water them about every two weeks. Discovering that a moisture meter exists made my life so much easier because I was so afraid of overwatering!

Since they are so large now, I have to water them in the shower. I fertilize them once a month with a typical houseplant fertilizer found in most stores. I make sure Fiona and Farrah’s leaves stay shiny and free of dust by taking a dry cloth and buffing them off from time to time.

FLF Resource Center: What’s your favorite thing about your fiddle leaf figs?

Angela: What attracted me to the Fiddles are their beautiful leaves. The large, green leaves give the fiddle such a strong presence in any room. No flowers, no variations in color…they are just classic, simple beauties.

Fions's Leaf

FLF Resource Center: What would you tell someone who’s nervous about getting their first fiddle leaf fig?

Angela: I would encourage anyone to do their research first on fiddle care.

Look online for helpful resources like Fiddle Leaf Fig Resource Center and even social media for tips on the best lighting, soil, fertilizer, and potential problems that may be common.

It would be good to decide on a permanent space for the fiddle ahead of time in your home. Fiddles tend to grow to be very large and it can be a bit challenging to move them once they get big! Not to mention that moving them around can cause shock.

Also, since fiddles can be a bit pricey, I would encourage first-timers to purchase a small fiddle if possible. This will give them lots of practice and the size won’t be so intimidating.

Don’t give up when you experience issues with your plants. Keep trying. Seeing your fiddle flourish from all your diligence will give you a sense of accomplishment!

FLF Resource Center: What are your top tips for caring for fiddle leaf figs?

Angela: My top tips would be:

1) Give your fiddle plenty of bright, indirect light. They thrive in it!

2) Purchase a quality moisture meter because you do not want to under or overwater your fiddle. A meter takes away the guesswork!

3) Properly fertilize on a consistent basis. Fiddles can grow at such a fast rate and they need the extra nutrients!

4) Enjoy them!

Thanks for sharing your story and your tips, Angela!

To become a fiddle leaf fig expert, make sure to check out our book (coincidentally called The Fiddle Leaf Fig Expert) as well as our free webinars!

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