Fiddle Leaf Fig Care Calendar


Looking for a master care calendar for your fiddle leaf fig? Follow our fiddle leaf fig care calendar and learn when to water, when to repot, and more!

Caring for your fiddle leaf fig does not have to be difficult. With the right conditions and proper care, your fiddle leaf fig will flourish! 

Consider following this Fiddle Leaf Fig Care Calendar. Discover what you should be doing on a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual basis to grow a happy and healthy fiddle leaf fig. 


Each day, it is important to do the following: 

  • Keep an eye out for urgent problems like brown spots or leaf drop
  • Consider gently shaking your plant to strengthen the trunk.
  • Enjoy your plant’s beauty. 

Weekly on #fiddleleaffigfriday

Doing these things weekly can help maintain the overall health of your fiddle leaf fig. Consider using the tag #fiddleleaffigfriday on Instagram and tagging our account to be featured! 

  • Inspect for insects and brown spots. 
  • Rotate one quarter turn for even growth. 
  • Use a soil meter to check your plant’s moisture level. 
  • Water as needed. 
  • Fertilize with Fiddle Leaf Fig Plant Food each time you water. 
  • Share photos of your plant on Instagram and tag #fiddleleaffigfriday


Keeping your fiddle leaf fig clean is an integral part of growing a healthy fiddle leaf fig plant. Add these fiddle leaf fig care tips to your monthly calendar to grow a happy plant. 


Over time, it helps to know how much your plant has grown. Take a photo of your plant at the beginning of each quarter, and again at the end. This will help you visualize how much your plant has grown in size and how well it has flourished. 


Each year, you will want to do each of these items to ensure your fiddle leaf fig plant continues to grow. 

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