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The Benefits of Owning a Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree

The Benefits of Owning a Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree

Many of us own fiddle leaf figs or other houseplants purely because they’re beautiful and fun to care for. And that’s reason enough! But there are many benefits of owning a fiddle leaf fig or other indoor plant. Plant parenthood isn’t just fun, it’s good for you too!

Here are just a few of the reasons why fiddle leaf figs make a great addition to your home and can improve your physical and mental health.

Fiddle leaf figs clean the air.

You’ve probably heard that many indoor houseplants can remove chemicals such as formaldehyde, ammonia, and benzene from indoor air better than any technology can, as well as promoting healthy oxygen levels as they respirate. Granted, this study was conducted under conditions more consistent with those you’d find on a self-contained space station, but plants may also provide some of those benefits in our homes as well.

It’s true! According to this NASA study, many plants, including ficus trees such as ficus lyrata, are effective at cleaning air and removing harmful chemicals. Fiddles can also grow quite large, and larger plants respire more than smallers ones, making them more effective at cleaning indoor air.

If you want to breathe easy in your home, try a fiddle leaf fig!

Learn more about how fiddles can clean the air in your home here.

Fiddle leaf figs may promote physical health.

We’ve all experienced the impact of nature on our well-being. After all, who doesn’t feel better when surrounded by beautiful plants and trees?

Many companies are harnessing the power of plants and indoor greenspaces to promote wellness among their employees. Indoor plants have been shown to elevate our moods, boost humidity in a space (which benefits the respiratory system), improve our perception of room temperature, lower blood pressure, and calm the nervous system. 

In fact, employees in this study took 20% fewer sick days when more plants were introduced to their workspace.

Why not add a fiddle to your space to feel better?

Fiddle leaf figs can boost mental well-being.

If your fiddle leaf fig has ever sprouted a new leaf, you understand the mental benefits of these beautiful trees!

But really, caring for one of these trees is a wonderful way to feel accomplished and productive. Many fiddle leaf fig owners also develop a bond with their plants, giving them names and becoming very attached to them.

We find pruning, repotting, propagating, cleaning, watering, and fertilizing these trees to be extremely rewarding and even meditative sometimes, and there’s nothing like seeing a beautiful plant grow and thrive under your care. We can’t recommend it enough!

And again, owning an indoor fiddle leaf fig is a way to harness the soothing power of nature and bring it into your space. Never underestimate the joy-bringing powers of an indoor plant!

Fiddle leaf figs may boost concentration.

The mental benefits of fiddle leaf figs don’t just stop at well-being! Fiddles and other houseplants may also increase focus and productivity.

This study found that elementary students were more attentive and better able to focus when their classroom contained live houseplants (as opposed to artificial plants, images of plants, or no plants at all). Try hanging out around your fiddle when you’re trying to focus. You just might notice a difference in your ability to concentrate!

Fiddle leaf fig care is fun!

There are many benefits of owning a fiddle leaf fig! Fiddles can provide many physical and mental health benefits, but at the end of the day, we love them because they’re gorgeous and because we find caring for them incredibly satisfying. I love to see my fiddles every day. They make my home beautiful and bring a splash of life and nature to my space, which brings me incredible joy.

I also love learning about these stunning plants and sharing that knowledge with other fiddle leaf fig fans!
To learn more about fiddle leaf fig care, make sure to check out our Fiddle Leaf Fig Resource Center Facebook group as well as my book The Fiddle Leaf Fig Expert. You’ll be a pro in no time!

Have you experienced the benefits of owning a fiddle leaf fig? Drop us a comment below!



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