If you’re like me, you love your fiddle leaf fig plant and want to give it everything it needs to grow. That means the right amount of sunlight, just enough water, and the best fertilizer for a fiddle leaf fig plant.

Fiddle leaf figs thrive with the right type of nutrition. Did you know that in the wild they commonly grow up to 40 feet tall? That’s because they get plenty of nutrients from the natural soil. As a houseplant, it’s important to provide them with plenty of the right fertilizer so they can grow tall and healthy.

What Is the Best Fertilizer for a Fiddle Leaf Fig Plant?

I find that the safest and easiest to use is a good liquid fertilizer. You’ll want to dilute the fertilizer to avoid overfeeding your plant. Follow the instructions on the package to dilute a liquid fertilizer and feed up to every other time you water during the growing season (not in the winter).

What NPK Ratio Is Best for Fiddle Leaf Fig Plants?

Plant fertilizers are distinguished by their NPK ratio, the percentage the product contains of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium (chemical symbol K). A 10-10-10 fertilizer, for example, contains 10% nitrogen, 10% phosphorus, and 10% potassium.

The best NPK ratio for a fiddle leaf fig plant is 3-1-2. This formulation of plant food allows the fiddle leaf fig to sustain its existing leaves and grow new ones. Because this formula is focused on growth, only feed during the growing season (not in winter) so that you do not overstimulate your plant when it’s dormant. During the winter, simply water normally and skip the fertilizer.

Which Fertilizer Is Best for a Fiddle Leaf Fig?

There are plenty of plant fertilizers that will work for your fiddle leaf fig. You can buy any liquid plant food with a NPK ratio of close to 3-1-2. You can also purchase Fiddle Leaf Fig Plant Food, which is specially formulated for a fiddle leaf fig plant and comes with instructions for how to properly feed your plant so it can thrive.

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Other Essentials for Your Fiddle Leaf Fig:

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