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3 Signs Your Fiddle Leaf Fig Needs Nutrients

3 Signs Your Fiddle Leaf Fig Needs Nutrients

Fiddle leaf figs need the proper nutrition to grow strong trunks and stems, beautiful green leaves, and a robust root structure to support the whole plant. Without the proper nutrients, your tree may suffer health problems! It’s important to know the signs that your fiddle leaf fig needs nutrients so you can correct the issue before it becomes an ongoing problem.

Why Fiddle Leaf Figs Need Fertilizer

In nature, fiddles receive plenty of nutrients from organic matter that breaks down into the soil. The continuous process provides plants with a steady stream of nutrition.

But potted fiddles only have access to what’s in their potting soil, and can use up all the available nutrients within months! This means you’ll need to provide nutrients either by repotting the plant into fresh soil or by adding fertilizer.

But how do you know when your fiddle leaf fig needs nutrients? Here are the signs you need to watch for.

Signs That Your Fiddle Leaf Fig Needs Nutrients

Yellowing leaves

Without the proper nutrients, plants can’t produce chlorophyll, the substance that makes leaves green and allows them to carry out photosynthesis. 

So without nutrients, your fiddle leaf fig leaves will not only turn an unsightly yellow, but they’ll have a hard time making energy from sunlight!

If your plant is lacking nutrients, the leaves may start to turn a lighter green between the veins before turning yellow.

Keep in mind that overwatering and a lack of sunlight can also cause yellowing, so be sure to check your plant’s lighting conditions and the moisture level of the soil as well. If the soil is wet or if it’s not in a spot with great lighting, make sure to correct those issues as well!

If your fiddle leaf fig hasn’t been fertilized in a while and is starting to yellow, start using a liquid fertilizer on a regular basis to supply missing nutrients.

Stunted growth

If your fiddle doesn’t seem to be growing, especially in the spring or summer when it should be putting out lots of new leaves, that’s a good sign that it doesn’t have the nutrients necessary to fuel growth. Yes, fiddles (and all plants) get their energy from sunlight, but they still need nutrients like phosphorus, nitrogen, potassium, and other minerals to grow and thrive.

If your fiddle isn’t getting any taller or producing new leaves during the growing season, it might be time to start supplementing nutrients!

You can’t remember the last time you fertilized

A fiddle leaf fig needs plenty of nutrients to grow its large, beautiful leaves, and, as we already mentioned, a fiddle can burn through all the available nutrients in its potting soil in just a few months. So if you haven’t fertilized your fiddle for more than a month or two, it’s probably time to start so you can prevent yellowing leaves or stunted growth instead of trying to fix the problem later!

What’s the best fertilizer for fiddle leaf figs?

We created Fiddle Leaf Fig Food to contain the perfect balance of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium to support health and growth for fiddles. And the best part is, it’s gentle enough to use with each watering so you don’t even have to remember a fertilization schedule! 

I just mix a little into my watering can each time I water, and my fiddles all look great. I fertilize each week in the spring and summer and cut back to every other week in the fall and winter, though I know plenty of people who fertilize weekly all year long, and they report that their fiddles are very happy!

You can purchase Fiddle Leaf Fig Food on Amazon.

Fertilizing should be part of your fiddle leaf fig care routine along with watering. Don’t skip it! With the right balance of nutrients, great light, water, and humidity, you’ll have one of the most beautiful fiddles around!



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