Fiddle Leaf Fig Before and After Photos: The Best Fertilizer for Fiddle Leaf Figs

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Around here, we’re big fans of our Fiddle Leaf Fig Food. I developed this special fertilizer for fiddle leaf figs after years of owning these gorgeous plants because other fertilizers just weren’t cutting it. I also couldn’t remember the schedule on which I was supposed to be fertilizing!  Tons of [...]

Fiddle Leaf Fig Care: The 10 Commandments

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Caring for your fiddle leaf fig can be complex and overwhelming, especially if you are a first-time plant owner. Good fiddle leaf fig care makes your plant stronger and more resistant to disease. But poor care creates a downward spiral of sickness and problems. Luckily, there are 10 critical components [...]

Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree Products: Subscribe and Save 10%

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Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree Products: Subscribe and Save We are thrilled that Amazon has added our products to their Subscribe & Save program! This means that you can save up to 10% on any of our products if you subscribe, including: Fiddle Leaf Fig Plant Food Root Rot Treatment Indoor Plant [...]

6 Ways to Prevent Root Rot in Fiddle Leaf Fig Plants (Video)

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Prevent Root Rot in Fiddle Leaf Fig Plants Did you know that root rot is the most common problem facing fiddle leaf fig plants? Root rot can kill your fiddle leaf fig in a matter of days or weeks. (Read Everything You Need to Know About Root Rot in [...]

How to Fix Fiddle Leaf Fig Stunted Growth

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It happens to every fiddle leaf fig parent at some point: Why has your plant stopped growing? Your fiddle leaf fig is experiencing stunted growth. Either you’ve had your fiddle leaf fig for a while and it hasn’t grown, or it did grow at one point, but now growth [...]

Fertilizer for your Fiddle Leaf Fig: How to Make Sure Your Plant Gets the Perfect Amount

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How to Make Sure Your Fiddle Leaf Fig Gets the Perfect Amount of Fertilizer By now, you probably know that too much fertilizer is dangerous for plants, including fiddle leaf figs. Quick summary: Too much fertilizer can lead to chemical burns and dehydration. No good!  So how do you [...]

Advanced Fiddle Care: How to Create Custom Fiddle Leaf Fig Soil

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If you're new to fiddle leaf fig plants, you'll only need to know the most important, fundamental, and basic care instructions.  For example, with adequate light exposure and a good root aeration regimen, many ficus lyrata owners can get by with whatever basic cactus mix happens to be on sale [...]

The Ultimate 2018 Fiddle Leaf Fig Holiday Gift Guide

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If there is a fiddle leaf fig lover in your life, you know how unique and special they are. This year, delight them at the holidays with these one-of-a-kind fiddle leaf fig gifts! We’ve teamed up with the leading fiddle leaf fig experts to put together our Ultimate 2018 Fiddle [...]

Pests Bugging Your Fiddle Leaf Fig? Pros and Cons of Releasing Ladybugs Indoors

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Not long ago, I realized my fiddle leaf fig trees were being antagonized by a pest. The bug was a common household insect that feeds on the green innards of plants’ leaves. What's worse, this particular pest is known to secrete honeydew, which attracts other fiddle leaf fig pests like [...]

Fiddle Leaf Fig Notching 101: When, Why, and How to Encourage Branching (With Before and After Pictures)

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If you own a celebrated fiddle leaf fig tree, you've probably thought about what you can do to get it to grow new branches. Fiddle leaf fig notching is a fairly advanced strategy. Today, we'll break down what you need to know to get new growth right where you want [...]

Fiddle Leaf Fig Plant Food is Back in Stock! (Order Now)

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We are happy to announce that Fiddle Leaf Fig Plant Food is back in stock! We apologize for the delay. You can order on Amazon now! To learn more, sign up for our Fiddle Leaf Fig Care 101 Webinar, make sure you're subscribed to our newsletter, and get your Fiddle Leaf [...]

The Best Fiddle Leaf Fig Plant Food Available in Canada (Buy Now)

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At The Fiddle Leaf Fig Plant Resource, we have a wonderful group of Canadian followers! We are often asked about shipping the original Fiddle Leaf Fig Plant Food to Canada. Unfortunately, current regulations do not allow us to export to our friends up north. However, we’ve identified a great alternative [...]

Sick Fiddle Leaf Fig Plant? Take it Outside!

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Do you have a sick fiddle leaf fig? Sometimes fiddle leaf fig plants get stuck in a rut and it's tough to break them out. Brown spots, dropping leaves, and lack of growth can be frustrating and challenging to overcome. If you have a plant you're ready to give up [...]

Just Released: The Fiddle Leaf Fig Expert is Available Now! (Buy Now)

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We are thrilled to announce that our book, The Fiddle Leaf Fig Expert, is finally available on Amazon now in full-color paperback or on Kindle! The Fiddle Leaf Fig Expert is an easy-to-understand guide for growing healthy and happy ficus lyrata plants. The book includes actionable information to improve the [...]

How to Keep Your Fiddle Leaf Fig Healthy, Green, and Gorgeous

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Fiddle leaf figs are popular because they provide such eye-catching beauty in a home or office. The lush, verdant leaves make a striking impact. But if things go south and the leaves start to drop or get brown spots, your fiddle leaf fig may make you more frustrated than proud. [...]

Fiddle Leaf Fig Fertilizer Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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At the Fiddle Leaf Fig Plant Resource Center, we get a lot of questions about fiddle leaf fig fertilizer. Our readers want to know what the best formula is, how to use it, and what they can do to support strong growth in their plants. We put together some fiddle [...]