Factors to Consider When Watering Your Fiddle Leaf Fig & How to Prevent Over-watering

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Watering your fiddle leaf fig can be tricky. One of the most common questions we hear about fiddle leaf figs is “How much do I water it?”  We’ve written about this before, but we wanted to expand on the topic because one of the fastest ways to kill a [...]

Signs Your Fiddle Leaf Fig Needs More Humidity

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Let’s talk about what happens when your fiddle leaf fig doesn’t get the humidity it needs and how you can provide humidity in your indoor environment.  Fiddle leaf figs are tropical plants, which means they love humidity more than anything! However, in a world of air conditioning and indoor heating (not [...]

Dried-Out Fiddle Leaf Fig – What to Do Next?

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You've found yourself with a dried-out fiddle leaf fig. Maybe you got busy. It happens. Maybe you went on vacation and forgot to get a plant sitter. Or maybe you have no idea what happened.  Whatever the cause, you have a dried-out fiddle on your hands. Now what? How [...]

Gorgeous, Dahling! 7 Tips on How to Stage and Pose Your Fiddle Leaf Fig for Insta-Worthy Photos

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Have you ever looked at your favorite instagrammer and wondered how they capture such perfect shots of their house plants for us? It can be discouraging to look back at your own drab surroundings and lose heart. Especially if you have a fiddle leaf fig, the most photogenic plant ever [...]

What Does Normal Leaf Drop for a Fiddle Leaf Fig Look Like?

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For many fiddle leaf fig owners, nothing is as terrifying as noticing that your beloved fiddle has dropped a leaf or, *gasp*, several leaves!  Before you panic and start watering, repotting, buying grow lights, putting your plant outside, or checking for insects, take a breath. Don’t panic. The good news [...]

How to Get Rid of Spider Mites on Your Fiddle Leaf Fig

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Every fiddle leaf fig owner fears spider mites.  These tiny insects can wreak havoc on your poor fiddle! With spider mites, you want to catch them early before the infestation spreads and takes a serious toll on your plant.  Spider mites aren’t actually spiders, but they are a type [...]

How to Treat Scale on Fiddle Leaf Figs

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Most fiddle leaf fig owners are well aware of the more pervasive pests that can plague our precious fiddles, but there’s another insect that many plant parents overlook: scale. Yes, there can be scale on fiddle leaf figs. This isn’t a super common pest for fiddle leaf figs (not [...]

What to Do if Your Fiddle Leaf Fig Leaves Have Holes

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When it comes to fiddle leaf figs, the first signs of problems will almost always show up in the leaves.  If your fiddle is unhappy, you might notice drooping leaves, brown spots, yellowing, strange speckles, or a whole host of other issues. But what if your leaves have holes?  Lots [...]

Fiddle Leaf Fig Leaf Spots: Leaf Troubleshooting for Fiddle Leaf Figs

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When your fiddle isn’t happy, the first place you’ll notice issues is in the leaves.  Yellowing, drooping, puckering, brown spots, they all mean different things. Some of these are good signs and some are signs that something is really wrong.  But how do you know what your fiddle is saying? [...]

Why Misting Your Fiddle Leaf Fig Might Be a Bad Idea (and when it’s okay to mist)

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If you’ve been misting your fiddle leaf fig, listen up!  Misting is popular with fiddle leaf fig owners as a way to replicate humidity. After all, fiddles are rain forest plants and they LOVE humidity.  But is misting the best way to go about it? There’s lots of debate about [...]

When to Repot a Fiddle Leaf Fig…and When to NOT

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To Repot or Not: Is It Worth the Root Shock to Your Fiddle Leaf Fig? One of the most common questions to plague fiddle leaf fig owners is when to repot a fiddle leaf fig and when to let your tree be.  The first rule of fiddle leaf fig care [...]

How to Get Rid of Fungus in Fiddle Leaf Fig Soil

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Do you know how to get rid of fungus in fiddle leaf fig soil? Were you aware that your soil could even get fungus? Has this happened to you? You go to water your fiddle and notice mushrooms growing in the potting. Or maybe you see white mold growing on [...]

Best Tips for Moving Your Fiddle Leaf Fig Plant

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Moving your fiddle leaf fig plant can be tricky. We all know fiddle leaf figs can be finicky and that they love consistency, which means they hate being moved! You also run the risk of damaging your tree in transport.  Maybe you’ve found a big, beautiful fiddle leaf fig [...]

How to Revive a Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree: A Before and After Story

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Revive a Fiddle Leaf Fig Nothing is more inspiring for the owner of a fiddle leaf fig tree than a good before and after story!  These trees are known for being a bit fussy and developing problems that can reduce them to a leafless stick. Fiddle leaf figs come with [...]

How to Prevent and Treat Bacterial Infections in Fiddle Leaf Figs

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Bacterial Infections in Fiddle Leaf Figs One of the first signs of problems in fiddle leaf figs is brown spots, but brown spots can mean a lot of different things. They could indicate dryness or sun damage, insect infestation, or, in rare cases, fungal or bacterial infections in fiddle [...]