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Curious how fiddle leaf fig growth looks? Watch the fiddle leaf fig growth time lapse video to see new fiddle leaf fig leaves grow over a week's time

Fiddle Leaf Fig Growth Time Lapse Video

Fiddle Leaf Fig Growth Time Lapse

How To Make A Fiddle Leaf Fig Grow Faster, Time Lapse Video | Fiddle Leaf Fig Plant Resource Center

Monica is a fantastic, engaged member of our Fiddle Leaf Fig Plant Community. She has a great Instagram page and shared her amazing 7-Day fiddle leaf fig time growth lapse video with us. Watch it above!

Fiddle Leaf Fig Care by Monica

The time lapse video is so fantastic to see that we asked Monica for her fiddle leaf fig care tips.

Monica and her husband live in the Philippines where they only have Sunny and Rainy Seasons (Zone 13).

They keep their fiddle leaf fig indoors with indirect sunlight coming from two windows. In the morning, it gets low light from the southeast window. In the afternoon, it gets bright indirect light where it is placed one foot from the northeast window.

Since this is their 3rd fiddle leaf fig, (may the first two rest in peace), they have learned not to overwater their plants.

Monica waters when the top 1″-2″ of the topsoil is dry.

The soil that they use is for all of their plants. It is in a ready-to-use- bag labelled Loam (Complete Organic Soil) that contains garden soil, pure vermicast, fertilizer and coco peat.

They do not add any added fertilizers but so far, their fiddle leaf fig is growing consistently without it. She is willing to try fertilizing her plant in the future, though.

It is on it’s third set of 2-leaf growth since it was given to her early in February 2020.

Fiddle Leaf Fig Care Routine


Monica gives the stem a wiggle or a vigorous shake in the morning and evening.


She brings it out once a week for fresh air. She does this in the late afternoon then brings it back inside the following day before 9AM.

(One time she forgot to bring it inside, hence the sunburnt leaf on the video.)

On windy and stormy days and nights, she leaves it outside on her balcony to enjoy the fresh rain.

Thank you so much, Monica for your fantastic fiddle leaf fig growth time lapse video and for sharing your fiddle leaf fig care tips.

If you are like Monica and would love a helpful fiddle leaf fig care schedule, be sure to check out our calendar.

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