Fiddle Leaf Fig Moisture Meter


Learning to accurately water your fiddle leaf fig plant can be challenging!

Moisture meters are used to tell you how wet your plant’s roots are by placing it in the soil. Using moisture meters can help you avoid root rot or having a plant that is not getting enough water. 

Traditional soil meters are difficult to use. We get many questions about moisture meters in our Facebook Community and on Instagram

Because of the challenges our fiddle leaf fig followers have, we created a moisture meter specifically for fiddle leaf figs

Moisture Meter

This moisture meter has been designed to be foolproof. To use, follow these instructions: 

  1. Place the moisture meter halfway between the trunk and exterior of your pot.
  2. Stick the moisture meter 2 inches down into the soil.
  3. Look for the number 4. This tells you it is time to water your fiddle leaf fig. 

Depending on the size of your fiddle leaf fig, you may be watering every week, every two weeks, or once a month. 

Our moisture meter also checks the PH and how much light your plant is getting. 

After use, make sure to clean your moisture meter and keep it dry. Do not store the moisture meter in the plant itself. 

Avoid Over-watering and Root Rot

Using a moisture meter will help you interpret when it is time to water. This ensures you are not over-watering your fiddle leaf fig.

The meter can always tell you if your soil is staying too wet. This means that your pot is not draining properly or your soil is holding in too much moisture.

Check your drainage holes and soil. If you are looking for a faster-draining soil, consider our Premium Fiddle Leaf Fig Soil—perfectly mixed with the best ingredients to promote great drainage.  

Feel confident in your watering schedule with the fiddle leaf fig moisture meter. To share your fiddle leaf fig moisture meter experiences, join us on Facebook!

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