Fiddle Leaf Fig Care Calendar

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Fiddle Leaf Fig Care Calendar Caring for your fiddle leaf fig does not have to be difficult. With the right conditions and proper care, your fiddle leaf fig will flourish!  Consider following this Fiddle Leaf Fig Care Calendar. Discover what you should be doing on a daily, weekly, monthly, [...]

4 Sneaky Reasons Why Your Fiddle Leaf Fig Is Drying Out

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Is Your Fiddle Leaf Fig Drying Out? Our friend the fiddle leaf fig is particular when it comes to water. I don’t believe the fiddles are necessarily difficult plants to care for, but they certainly know what they want! When your fiddle leaf fig is drying out, you need [...]

Fiddle Leaf Fig Moisture Meter: Water Your Fiddle Leaf Fig Correctly

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Fiddle Leaf Fig Moisture Meter   Learning to accurately water your fiddle leaf fig plant can be challenging! Moisture meters are used to tell you how wet your plant's roots are by placing it in the soil. Using moisture meters can help you avoid root rot or having a [...]

How to Shower Your Fiddle Leaf Fig

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If you’ve spent any time around fiddle leaf fig owners, you’ve probably heard about giving fiddles a shower.  As weird as this might sound, it’s actually a common practice and can be really beneficial for your fiddle!  Should you be showering your fiddle as well? Let’s talk about the [...]

Fiddle Leaf Fig Care: The 10 Commandments

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Caring for your fiddle leaf fig can be complex and overwhelming, especially if you are a first-time plant owner. Good fiddle leaf fig care makes your plant stronger and more resistant to disease. But poor care creates a downward spiral of sickness and problems. Luckily, there are 10 critical components [...]

Factors to Consider When Watering Your Fiddle Leaf Fig & How to Prevent Over-watering

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Watering your fiddle leaf fig can be tricky. One of the most common questions we hear about fiddle leaf figs is “How much do I water it?”  We’ve written about this before, but we wanted to expand on the topic because one of the fastest ways to kill a [...]

Signs Your Fiddle Leaf Fig Needs More Humidity

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Let’s talk about what happens when your fiddle leaf fig doesn’t get the humidity it needs and how you can provide humidity in your indoor environment.  Fiddle leaf figs are tropical plants, which means they love humidity more than anything! However, in a world of air conditioning and indoor heating (not [...]

Dried-Out Fiddle Leaf Fig – What to Do Next?

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You've found yourself with a dried-out fiddle leaf fig. Maybe you got busy. It happens. Maybe you went on vacation and forgot to get a plant sitter. Or maybe you have no idea what happened.  Whatever the cause, you have a dried-out fiddle on your hands. Now what? How [...]

Why Misting Your Fiddle Leaf Fig Might Be a Bad Idea (and when it’s okay to mist)

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If you’ve been misting your fiddle leaf fig, listen up!  Misting is popular with fiddle leaf fig owners as a way to replicate humidity. After all, fiddles are rain forest plants and they LOVE humidity.  But is misting the best way to go about it? There’s lots of debate about [...]

Stop Fiddling! 5 Times When You Should Leave Your Fiddle Leaf Fig Alone

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One of the best features of the fiddle leaf fig tree is the fact that you can individualize it. Based on your goals, you can purposely grow it upward or outward. You can pot it a vast variety of ways, experiment with its environment, propagate it into baby fiddles, separate [...]

How and When to Water A Fiddle Leaf Fig: A Routine for Your Unique Plant

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The Perfect Watering Routine for Your Unique Fiddle Leaf Fig   The most important thing you must learn as a fiddle leaf fig owner is how and when to water your plant. Watering your ficus lyrata should be the easiest part of caring for it. But one expert says you [...]

What to Do if Your New Fiddle Leaf Fig Leaves Are Smaller than Older Leaves

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Fiddle leaf figs are beautiful plants, which is why they’re so popular!  So it’s really frustrating when something throws off the aesthetic we’re going for.  New fiddle leaf fig leaves grow from the top of the plant and should grow just as large or larger than the leaves below it. [...]

Do Fiddle Leaf Fig Trees Go Dormant In Winter? Your Seasonal Fiddle Care Questions Answered

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“Anyone else's houseplants going crazy?” asked a frantic member of a local online community group. It was January, and she had expected her fiddle leaf fig to go dormant all winter. After a month of slowed growth, though, her tree had begun sprouting new leaves. A chorus of fellow confused [...]

How to Care for Your Fiddle Leaf Fig in the Winter (Video)

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Here at the Fiddle Leaf Fig Plant Resource get asked a lot about how to care for fiddle leaf fig trees in the winter time. Fiddle leaf figs require you to adjust your care as the temperatures drop. Click to watch a video on caring for your fiddle leaf fig [...]

How to Treat and Prevent Root Rot in Fiddle Leaf Fig Trees (Video)

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Perhaps the most common problem we see is root rot in fiddle leaf fig trees. Root rot is caused by too much water, not enough drainage, and made worse by lack of sunlight. In this exclusive video, Meg Miller describes how she identified and quickly treated root rot as the culprit [...]

Top Fiddle Leaf Fig Care Tips from Guest Expert Alessandra Pham

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Our Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree Resource Group on Facebook is growing every week. Our members are full of fiddle leaf fig care tips and tricks. One expert that shares her insights is member Alessandra Pham. She was kind enough to put together a list of her fiddle leaf fig care [...]