How to Fix Yellow Fiddle Leaf Fig Leaves

One of the most common issues I see with fiddle leaf figs is yellowing leaves. 

After all, fiddle leaf figs are famous for their large, beautiful green leaves, so yellowing leaves can really throw off your aesthetic. 

So what do yellow leaves mean and how can you fix them? 

In my experience, yellow leaves on a fiddle leaf fig usually mean one of two things:

A lack of light or fertilizer.

It can also be caused by a combination of too little light and too much water.

The pigment chlorophyll makes the leaves green in the first place, but a plant has to create chlorophyll. To do that, it needs energy and nutrients!

Plants get their energy from sunlight and nutrients present in the soil to produce chlorophyll. (Conversely, chlorophyll helps plants create energy from water, sunlight, and carbon dioxide.)

If your plant isn’t getting the energy or nutrients it needs, the leaves might start to lighten between the veins and turn a lighter green before turning bright yellow.

Yellow leaves can also be caused by root rot, which can lead to dropping leaves. If you think your plant has root rot, try our Root Supplement Treatment to stop it. 

yellowing fiddle leaf fig leaf

So how do you know whether it needs light or fertilizer? 

How to Fix Yellow Fiddle Leaf Fig Leaves

An easy well to determine the cause of your yellowing leaves is simply a process of elimination and making the changes that carry the least risk.

In other words, start with light and water, and then move onto fertilizer if necessary. 

Does it need light?

If your fiddle leaf fig doesn’t get much light, fix this before you add fertilizer. 

Fiddle leaf figs love light and thrive near a bright window where they can get lots of indirect sunlight. If your plant is too deep in a room, adjust its location so that it gets the best light possible! 

You can place it right in a north-facing window (these rarely get indirect sunlight) or near any other window where it won’t be directly in the sun’s rays, but will still get lots of light. 

If you don’t have a great place for your fig to get lots of natural light, you might want to invest in some grow lights. 

Also, make sure to check the soil. If the soil feels wet, you might want to let it dry out a little more between waterings. Overwatering and not enough light is a bad combination! (Here’s a guide to watering your fiddle leaf fig.)

Does it need fertilizer?

Most of us remember to water plants and give them good light, but we often forget that plants need nutrients to grow and be healthy! They may get their energy from sunlight, but they need nutrients to support the photosynthesis process. Think of fertilizer like a vitamin supplement for your plants! 

If you’ve determined that your tree is getting the perfect amount of light and water, it might need fertilizer. In general, fiddle leaf figs need fertilizer at least every other week during the growing season. 

Fiddle leaf figs grow during the spring and summer months, so it’s especially important to fertilize them then. If your plant gets yellow leaves during this time of year, it probably needs more fertilizer, especially if you haven’t noticed any new growth. 

yellow fiddle leaf fig leaf

If you haven’t fertilized your fiddle leave fig for a while and it’s getting good light and the perfect amount of water, this is likely your cause. I love Fiddle Leaf Fig Plant Food because it’s gentle enough to use each time you water without harming your plant, so you never have to remember a fertilizing schedule, and you’ll never risk undernourished, yellow leaves again! 

Enjoy your happy, healthy fiddle leaf fig! 


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