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The Best Fiddle Leaf Fig Soil Featured

The Best Fiddle Leaf Fig Soil

The fiddle leaf fig is a plant that knows what it likes. Some people call this plant “difficult” or “fussy”, but I prefer to think of it as precise and having distinct preferences as we humans often do. This is why it’s important to choose the best fiddle leaf fig soil.

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Fiddle leaf figs love proper drainage. They’re a tropical rainforest plant, which means they like a fair amount of water sometimes, but they don’t like to sit in it for long.

Soggy soil and roots (often called “wet feet” in the gardening world) can lead to root rot as well as fungal or bacterial infections that can kill your fiddle. For a houseplant, the correct soil is a matter of survival!

The best fiddle leaf fig soil drains quickly so your roots can breathe and grow.

For years I’ve been using a 50/50 blend of cactus mix and indoor potting mix for my fiddle leaf figs, but sometimes I STILL have problems with the soil not draining quickly enough or not absorbing water too quickly.

So we created our Premium Fiddle Leaf Fig Potting Mix for the best possible blend of soil ingredients to keep any fiddle leaf fig happy.

Discover the best fiddle leaf fig soil for your plants. Our soil allows for the perfect balance of water absorption and drainage to keep your plant healthy.

All About Fiddle Leaf Fig Potting Mix — The Best Fiddle Leaf Fig Potting Soil

So why is Fiddle Leaf Fig Potting Mix better than a homemade recipe or even cactus mix?

Fiddle Leaf Fig Potting Mix allows for the perfect balance of water absorption and drainage.

This means the soil will readily absorb water and just as readily let it drain. These are the conditions fiddles love! This mix requires less aeration and gets compacted less quickly than other potting mixes. It also dries out in a timely manner.

What does this mean for your fiddle? It means added protection against underwatering and overwatering, fungal growth, and root rot.

Fiddle Leaf Fig Potting Mix contains and retains the perfect nutrients for fiddles to be healthy.

For potted plants like fiddles, their soil is their whole world. This is where they get all their nutrients, so it’s important that the soil is fertile and rich with the right nutrients.

This soil also retains the right amounts of nitrogen, phosphorous, and other nutrients from your fertilizer so your fiddle can grow strong stems and healthy leaves.

Fiddle Leaf Fig Potting Mix allows for maximum nutrient and oxygen flow to the roots

Potted plants have very little space to work with, so it’s important that they’re able to make the most of the resources available to them including air and nutrients present in the soil.

Fiddle Leaf Fig Potting Mix contains mediums such as aged bark that increase pore space in the pot, which allows nutrients and oxygen to flow more freely throughout your plant’s root system.

Fiddle Leaf Fig Potting Mix reduces environment impact by utilizing compost and green waste

Not only is this an eco-friendly product, but the recycled biological components allow for the growth of healthy fungi and bacteria that create a fertile, rich soil environment for your fiddle.

Fiddle Leaf Fig Potting Mix is perfect for any indoor ficus!

Use this mix for your ficus audrey, weeping fig, rubber tree, or other indoor tree from the ficus family. These trees have similar needs, so this soil can pull double duty!

I’m in love with this potting mix, and I know your fiddle will love it too!

Get our Premium Fiddle Leaf Fig Potting Mix

Grow the Biggest, Healthiest Fiddle Leaf Fig

The right soil is a critical component of growing a healthy fiddle. For the best results, you can also check out our Fiddle Leaf Fig Food liquid fertilizer, our Root Rot Supplement, and our new Leaf Armor, all specifically formulated for our favorite ficus!

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