I spend a lot of time worrying about my plants. I have 25 precious house plants that I feed and water every Friday morning. They’re more than plants, they’re members of our family, greeting and impressing our guests and keeping our air clean. But when I was troubleshooting my half dozen fiddle leaf fig plants, I was disappointed to find that there was no specific fertilizer created for ficus lyrata (fiddle leaf fig). That’s why I set out to create Fiddle Leaf Fig Plant Food!

Fiddle leaf fig plants need a lot of fertilizer to grow well. Because they’re  contained to pots as house plants, their nutrient supply is not replenished like it is in the wild. They can quickly run out of the nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium they need for growing strong roots and leaves. Properly fertilizing them helps with faster growth, healthier plants, and larger leaves.

But the perfect fiddle leaf fig fertilizer is specific. It should be a 3-1-2 NPK ratio, with no urea. There are also micro nutrient needs specific to the plant including Potash, Boron, and Copper. I created Fiddle Leaf Fig Plant Food with the help of a botanist and a fertilizer specialist with 35 years of experience. It’s specifically formulated to be the perfect food for a fiddle leaf fig. It’s also gentle and completely safe, so you can use it every time you water your plant to keep it healthy. Try it out today for just $14.49 – and be sure to take before and after photos of your plant!


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