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3-1 Soil Meter

Top 10 Fiddle Leaf Fig Products and Tools

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For your fiddle leaf fig, products and tools can transform the way you care for your plant. They can also give you a more fulfilling relationship with your plant.

How Was The List Compiled?

All of the following products and tools came from members of our Fiddle Leaf Fig Plant Resource Facebook Group.

With over 47,000 members, you are sure to get the best advice and help from other fiddle leaf fig lovers. There are many fiddle leaf fig experts that can help answer your questions.

Top 10 Fiddle Leaf Fig Products

#1 Soil Meter

3-1 Soil Meter

soil meter is a really important tool because it can solve the number-one problem of overwatering. The meter can help you to know if you are overwatering, have insufficient drainage, or are underwatering your plant.

You will want to make sure to use it before you water your plant. When you see a reading of 4 or less, you know it is time to water.

Avoid root rot or dropping leaves by taking the guesswork out of watering.

#2 LECA Balls or Smart Gravel

Smart Gravel

LECA (lightweight expanded clay aggregate) or smart gravel can greatly improve the drainage in your pot.

This is recyclable material to place in the lower 1/3 of your pot. This lifts up the soil and provides greater oxygen flow beneath the root system of the plant. It helps to remove excess water which greatly reduces the risk of any root infection.

#3 Fiddle Leaf Fig Potting Soil

Potting Soil

Our Premium Fiddle Leaf Fig Potting Soil is specifically designed for your fiddle leaf fig.

The biggest problem fiddle leaf fig owners see is root rot and drainage issues.

The roots of your plant need to be well aerated, and using a fast-draining soil is important to give your plant the best chance of optimal health.

You can add cactus mix or perlite, orchid bark, or pumice to add better aeration to drain better. Our fiddle leaf fig soil is pre-mixed and sterilized and comes in a resealable bag that should be enough for your large plant or a few smaller fiddle leaf fig plants.

#4 Fiddle Leaf Fig Fertilizer

FLF Plant Food

As a fiddle leaf fig owner, you will want to make sure you are using fertilizer.

Fiddle Leaf Fig Plant Food is designed to be used every time you water to provide consistent nutrition. It is specifically formulated for fiddle leaf figs as they require a 3-1-2 NPK formulation.

It is safe, gentle, and adding it to your watering routine ensures you never miss a dose.

#5 Pot Riser

When you elevate your fiddle leaf fig with a pot riser, you can ensure it is getting the full benefit of the light source. If your pot riser has wheels, that is even better.

The wheels on the bottom can help you evenly rotate your plant so it grows straight and tall. It also will hep those with larger, heavier fiddle leaf figs in the event they need to be moved for watering or repotting.

The best part is that it protects the floor from your fiddle leaf fig pot. Our fiddle leaf fig group members swear by pot risers or a plant caddy.

#6 Decorative Basket or Container

Decorative Pot

Many fiddle leaf fig owners in our Facebook group love to dress up their fiddle leaf fig plants.

Using a decorative basket or container can make a big difference to how your plant looks in a room.

Make sure the original container your plant is in has really great drainage. Maybe this is the grower’s pot or a terracotta pot, but placing it in a decorative basket or container can help it tie in with the aesthetic of your home.

#7 Root Supplement

Root Supplement

Brown spots that appear on your fiddle leaf fig leaves and spread from the bottom up may be a sign of a root infection.

It’s important to take quick action and correct the problem that is causing root rot. It might not be getting enough light, it might be overwatered, and the pot it is in may not have great drainage.

Kill any root infections at the source with a root supplement. The root supplement kills the fungus or bacteria that is invading your root system. It begins working within the first 24 hours and you can use it going forward in conjunction with the Fiddle Leaf Fig Plant Food to protect your root system.

#8 Insect Treatment

Leaf Armor

If you keep your fiddle leaf fig outdoors some of the time, they are more susceptible to spider mites and insect damage.

Keep something on hand to protect your plant and kill any active insect infestation. You can use neem oil or our Leaf Armor Spray to spray your plant when you see holes in leaves or little bugs or webs in the stems.

Leaf Armor can also protect your plant from future insect infestations.

#9 Humidity Products

Humidity Tools

If you suspect your fiddle leaf fig needs more humidity, you will notice a ruffling of leaves, brown spots on the edges, or cracking. All of these are caused by low humidity.

humidity meter can tell you the exact humidity in your home. It is an inexpensive way to check to see if you have the optimal humidity levels in the rooms where your plants are.

Remember, some rooms may be less humid than others depending on where your vents and fans are located.

If the humidity meter reads less than 50%, you may want to consider adding a humidifier into the room. 50%-85% humidity is the sweet spot for fiddle leaf figs.

This is a misting spray bottle that creates a super-fine mist for all of your plants. You can use this to temporarily increase the humidity around your plants. To increase your humidity by 10% or less, this small diffuser can help. If you need to increase your humidity by more than 10%, a larger humidifier is best to use.

#10 Propagation Promoter

Propagation Promoter

As you get comfortable caring for your fiddle leaf fig, you can take cuttings and grow new plants.

Propagation involves a few supplies: a container, water,  your cutting, and a rooting hormone.

The propagation promoter and rooting hormone is designed specifically for fiddle leaf figs. It helps protect the plant cutting from bacteria. Add a few drops of propagation promoter to your propagation container and the roots will grow more quickly.

To learn more, be sure to watch our video Everything You Need to Know About Fiddle Leaf Fig Propagation.

Now it is your turn! Tell us in the comments below which products you must have while caring for your fiddle leaf fig.

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