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Do you want to grow a giant fiddle leaf fig, but are not sure how? Learn the steps to grow a large, tall, and lush fiddle leaf fig.

How to Grow a Giant Fiddle Leaf Fig

Growing Guide - How to Grow a Large, Healthy Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree

Have you thought to grow a giant fiddle leaf fig? Many fiddle leaf fig owners feel comfortable with caring for their plant. Their fiddle leaf fig is happy and healthy. But sometimes you want your fiddle leaf fig to grow bigger and taller. How do you do this? 

Discover the tips and tricks to encourage your fiddle leaf fig to grow faster, bigger, and taller.

Basic Fiddle Leaf Fig Plant Care

As a fiddle leaf fig owner, you want to make sure you learn and invest in the fundamentals of caring for your plant. If you are still struggling with your plant, be sure to watch our free Fiddle Leaf Fig Care 101 Webinar.

For those that are expert fiddle leaf fig growers, follow these tips to help your plant grow into a true giant.

Upsize Your Fiddle Leaf Fig Pot

Giant Fiddle Leaf Fig

To help your fiddle leaf fig grow quickly, you can give it a larger pot than it needs.

If it is in a 12-inch pot, repot into a 16-inch pot. This will give your fiddle leaf fig more room for the roots to grow.

Be aware that this can cause it to dry out slower after watering. Make sure not to overwater. The best way to watch how the moisture level is with a 3-1 moisture meter.

How to Use a Fiddle Leaf Fig Moisture Meter to Keep Your Plant Healthy | Fiddle Leaf Fig Plant

Light, Light, and More Light

Giant Fiddle Leaf Fig

Fiddle leaf fig plants will only grow as fast as the light source they are given.

Placing your plant in the brightest spot will encourage your fiddle leaf fig to grow faster. Even if this isn’t the place you want your plant to be permanently, moving it temporarily will help it grow more quickly.

If you do not have a great sunny spot, you can supplement with a grow light. By increasing the exposure of light to your plant, the quicker it will grow.

Install Solar Tube Lighting

To really increase the amount of light your fiddle leaf fig receives, you can install solar tube lighting.

These are installed directly into the ceiling from the roof of your home. They run around $1,000 per solar tube, and it makes the room so much brighter. This is an important trick to increase the sunlight in your home.

Fiddle Leaf Fig Fertilizer

Fiddle leaf figs need a lot of nutrition to grow quickly. This does not mean to use more fertilizer, but to use a smaller amount and more frequently.

Our fiddle leaf fig plant food is safe to use every time you water so your plant is getting nutrients each and every week.

Fiddle Leaf Fig Soil

It is important to use a soil that drains quickly to avoid excess water and root rot.

It also needs to have great microbial activity. To preserve your plant, you do not want to use chlorinated water, which can shock your plant and kill the healthy microbes in the soil.

Adding a microbial treatment to your soil can help give your roots the healthy balance of microbes that it needs.

Give Your Fiddle Leaf Fig a Caffeine Boost

Research shows that caffeine can help plants grow quicker. The downside is that coffee is very acidic.

To give your fiddle leaf fig a caffeine boost, you can add cold diluted coffee once every couple of months.

Recipe for Diluting Coffee:

  • 1 part coffee
  • 10 parts water

Be sure to check the soil acidity with a soil meter to ensure the soil is not getting too acidic.

Giant Fiddle Leaf Fig Photos

Giant Fiddle Leaf Fig for end of video

Fiddle leaf fig plants can grow really quickly. This plant has grown 2-3 feet per year. Amazing!

If you want to grow giant fiddle leaf figs, make sure they are healthy, have a lot of light, and are fertilized properly.

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