Hi Claire,

I bought a gorgeous FLF in at 14” pot from Home Depot a few months ago, it was super tall and looked healthy. I placed it in a corner by a window and watered sparingly (about 2 cups per week) as I read that most FLF die due to overwatering. A week ago I noticed that the leaves were very droopy so I thought maybe it wasn’t getting enough light, so I took it outside. I realize now though that maybe the problem was that I didn’t water enough…

Anyway, my husband took the plant outside and unfortunately we left it in a full sun location. On the first day the leaves got burned and faded, and drooped even more. I was so bummed! I moved it to a shady spot and gave it a good watering, however it’s still not really recovered after about a week. We live in New Orleans where it’s hot and humid so I hoped the humidity would be good for it.

I’d like to bring the FLF back inside soon – I read through your website and have some ideas I wanted to run by you. I am thinking to cut off the leaves that were sun-damaged, but there really are quite a few. How many would you think would be a safe bet, and is cutting leaves from the bottom better than from the top?

I am also thinking to cut off a good part of the upper stem, because the tree is getting so tall that it is starting to lean to one side. I also read that pruning the the stem may encourage the column to branch. I will try propogating the cut part if I can!

Do you think cutting off some of the top stem and any damaged leaves would be a good idea for this plant considering it is already stressed from the sun? I also ordered some fertilizer. I really hope it can be saved!

Thank you,