My fiddle has two trunks at the base. The right trunk is taller and definitely dominant,  but both are producing leaves and doing well. I want to eventually turn it from a bush into more of a tree with a single trunk. However, this smaller left trunk is problematic for my future vision. I’ve looked into root splitting, but the trunks seem to actually be branches off a single trunk, rather than two separate trunks. Since they’re connected, I don’t think root splitting is an option. Do I just cut sections off of this smaller left trunk and propagate them? And just cut down to the very base of the left trunk? I know that cutting the tops of the trees promotes more branch growth, so I don’t want this to happen at the base by cutting it. I would appreciate any recommendations that you may have for turning this two-trunk bush fiddle into a single tree-like fiddle (without harming my healthy fiddle in the process of course)! Thanks!