My fiddle leaf fig has brown edges and spots that seem to be expanding quite rapidly. Previously I was told this was leaf burn so I moved it from its original location (3m across from an Australian north facing window which gets very strong morning light). Its new location is to a corner in the same room which gets less light as per picture attached.

Since then I lost about 10 leaves some of which I cut as they were very brown, or they fell off naturally. Plant nurseries I’ve visited have said it’s due to over watering. I was previously letting it dry between waterings using a moisture meter and waiting for it to get below level 3 and then giving it a good drenching and letting the water drain out as per most instructions I’ve seen online but have now been told to only give it one cup a week. Which is the correct watering method I should follow and also should I move it back to its original location where it gets more light?

I’ve also replanted it in the same plastic pot it came in mixing in a couple of handfuls of perlite.